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  2. Reef 238 Photos

    Sheesh...what a difference. Did I see...gasp...a SCWD and HOB overflows?
  3. Reef 238 Photos

    It's located in the lobby of On Club Deluxe Rd. in Hammond. TSV is 238 gallons. For those of you that have Instagram, there are videos of the newly installed ceramic reef @wetworknola. .
  4. Reef 238 Photos

    Thank you Stoned. The freezer was deleted from the rebuild since there's one in the employee break room. They love the smell of mysis in the morning. .
  5. 144 gallon Oceanic Half Circle

    Thank you!!! Will miss it😔
  6. 144 gallon Oceanic Half Circle

    Saw this in person...REALLY Nice... Good Luck...
  7. Sharkys Reef in NOLA?

    I think I went to Palladium once or twice. Wasn't my kind of place. Gators and Senor Frog's were fun places...ah back when Metry had a night life
  8. Sharkys Reef in NOLA?

    I used to be a mermaid in that tank when I was a teenager. A friend of mine, Alicia, and I used to promote a drink there called the topless mermaid but we weren't topless. It was just bikini tops and tails. Funny though because we had to go through the back entrance because we were not old enough at the time to go to the actual bar. Just under 18 at the time. We would swim around for about 20 minutes at a time and got paid $50 each to swim with the sharks and interact with the crowds. We also did this during the day when the restaurant was open and interact with the kids. Jack Dunn was a family friend of ours and a great guy! Dana used to DJ there and JP was the shark expert. p.s. Gators did rock lol. Does anyone remember Paladium?
  9. 144 gallon Oceanic Half Circle

    It is still up and running. Everything included! New light with built in timers, drilled double overflow with split returns, tank, stand, canopy, sump, protein scimmer, pumps, heaters, wave makers, 8 5gallon buckets, and some extra equipment. Fish included are Blue Angel Yellow Tang and about 2-2 1/2 ft Zebra Morray Eel, and 2 large snails. Over 100 lbs. live rock. If you have any questions please call or text Korina 225-313-9336 located in Prairieville near Galvez primary. $900
  10. Aqua max

    Fusion is 24" long...I also have a 4 bulb t5... did the 4 bulb t5 work good for you...??
  11. Free RBTA's

  12. Free RBTA's

    No problem.
  13. Free RBTA's

    Thanks PM me your address and I'll get it shipped as soon as I can. Thanks
  14. Pickin up the pieces

    Noice! Don't often see Annularis in juvi colors.
  15. Free RBTA's

    Best of luck .
  16. Pickin up the pieces

    Back in the game. 1”captive bred Annularis , tiny flame angel in there as well
  17. Roughed in the plumbing and test fit everything. It's going to be a tight fit but everything will work out. Now to finish painting and get this thing complete.
  18. Aqua max

    Im not to familiar withe the dimensions on that tank my 20 gallon I used a 4 bulb t5. The 165 watt would work just turn it down. Im abput to list my t5 for 75 bucks its a 24 inch. I think the bulbs are like 4 months old i have 1 new bulb for it I have to go to storage for it. Dont remember the bulb combo. It was on my anenome tank.
  19. Free RBTA's

    Thanks for doing this
  20. Free RBTA's

    I'd like one!
  21. Free RBTA's

    I want one
  22. Free RBTA's

    I'll give it a try
  23. Free RBTA's

    I am toying with the idea of setting up a website to sell/ship anemones and I need a few guinea pigs. The first 3 people to post on this thread that they are interested, I will mail a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone to them for free. All I ask for in return is for you to send/post some pics of the anemone when it arrives, once it is acclimated and once it opens up.
  24. A150 ocean blue $100 A360 Dimmable/Adjustable color $200 Both $250 Can text pics and more info upon request Easiest way to get in touch is text, 5 oh 4 Nine 12-0951
  25. Apex lite for sale pictures added

    Going to Baton Rouge Friday and again Sunday. Lets get this sold I want to buy some fish
  26. Aqua max

    I also have a Chinese 165w, would this be ok for IM Fusion 20... thanks
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