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  2. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

    This is the best picture of something in my tank. You take awesome pictures with you phone .
  3. Pink milli frags

    Pm sent
  4. Pink milli frags

    Madisonville. .
  5. Pink milli frags

    Where are you located?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Pink milli frags

    I have 5 frags of pink milli for sale. 4 small ones at $20 each and one larger one at $25. .
  8. Last Sale Of The Year!

    Last Sale Of The Year! Get 40% off Livestock! Use Coupon "LS40" Get 10% off Drygoods! Use Coupon "LS10" Only at! ALL orders MUST ship by 12/15/17 (Only one coupon per order. Drygoods and Livestock Must be placed in separate orders. You must use the coupon at checkout to receive the discount. We will not add it for you. Sale ends 12/13/17 at Midnight est.) Looking for a great Christmas gift for the reefer in the family? Check these out! Gift Certificates Fragging supplies for the fragging addict. SaltCritters Decals Santa Sacks Reefer with an Algae problem
  9. Fiji rock

    I have about 100 lbs of reef rock selling about.$5 lb
  10. 30 extra high turn key

    Sold lock it up Captgreg got a great deal
  11. Last week
  12. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

  13. Birdsnest colonies for sale.

    Large pink colony $30 Large green colony $30 Small ponape colony $15 Small pink colony $15 .
  14. Black Widow nem

    Sold admin please lock up thread.
  15. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

    My colorado sunburst even under whites still pops
  16. Yes it did, but its not mine. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  17. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

    Very nice coloration it spit any babies? Curious .
  18. Free chaeto in Picayune

    Today is Harvest day I got a big bunch that needs to go
  19. Why not. Its the one that made me want one. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. Rose bubble tips for sale.

    Interested, call me at 225-692-1855
  21. Fraghouse corals

    Thanks... never been to one, looking forward to it...
  22. Natural Reefkeeping

    Natural bio-chemistry.
  23. Mark's Marine artificial rock info

    I definitely agree with you on scrapping the rock Ken. I had suggested replacing the rock as soon as I ruled out the other possible causes of tank issues, but the customer wasn't ready for a tank overhaul that involved. The tank is a 180g, so it's going to be a bit costly to reset the tank with all new rock, labor costs, probably new sand, etc.. so I told the customer I would ask around first to make him feel a little more comfortable about pulling the trigger on a full tank reset.
  24. I apologize for the late post. I've been very busy as of late. Please let me know if any other pictures are needed. Thank you
  25. Green branching hammer for sale

    What’s the prices? It’s the forums rules to post prices if your selling livestock Colony $$& Per head $$$ I needa colony to start my euphyllia garden .
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