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  2. Sold. Great guy. Please close.
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  4. I need to get rid of the following. They were NOT kept together! 1 Nearly Naked ocellaris clownfish $25 1 Lightning Maroon $40 Located in Shreveport
  5. aquaman67

    75 gal reef

    Pics of the lights
  6. Mikehag

    75 gal reef

    What fish and coral do you have in there? Willing to sell those seperate?
  7. Mikey o

    75 gal reef

    500 obo 75 gallon reef tank for sale. Currently up and running Stand 2 ocean revive led fixtures Hob reef octo skimmer Extra hob skimmer Powerhead Ato Phos reactor Rock Sand Fish Coral
  8. I broke down my 29 home build and moved into a 14g biocube. 2 Icecap 1K gyres - $80 ea. (Only7 used for a couple of months) Reefoctopus HOB 90 skimmer - $150 Tank, reinforced cabinet stand and diy sump with diy overflow and amazon return pump - $100 1 and a half five gallon buckets of live rock - $ 50 Viparspectra 165w controllable led light - $75
  9. Hey, I'm interested in the 24". That still available?
  10. I pmed ya! I'm in Harvey so it should be easy
  11. I’m good today after lunch time. Let me know what works for you.
  12. Put me on the list for a Pink Cadillac. also I’d like to get the (3) polyps of Money Shot Palys
  13. When would be a good time to pick it up? I'd love em!
  14. Last week
  15. I will be looking for a frag of homewrecker in about 30 days please let me know if you cut some more I live in Baton Rouge will come pick it up thanks
  16. Coral73


    Do you still have the rock available?
  17. Lg Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish and Rose Bulb tip Anemone $150.00. Shane 504-415-0302
  18. What's the best you will do on it to get rid of it
  19. Well not to self... Don't let your kids go with you to the LFS 🤣🤣. Wasn't planning on putting fish in the tank just yet but here we are
  20. Posting some torches for my buddy. Have some Aussie torches, purple with green tips. 3-4heads from what I understand. Have pics of them closed up a bit to show skeleton. Prices listed will be shipped to your door! 3h $160 4h $185
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