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  2. Premiumaq

    GIVEAWAY: Coral Frenzy Coral Food

    Congratulations to "Brandon Evans" for winning Coral Frenzy Coral Food
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  4. Premiumaq

    GIVEAWAY: Polyp Lab Scope

    In Today's video, we take a look at the Polyp Lab Scope, which is available at Premium Aquatics. Polyplab Scope Blue flashlight: Visit Premium Aquatics: Enter to win this product: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page. Visit Premium Aquatics: Follow Premium Aquatics ----- Facebook - Instagram -
  5. Becnb264

    First tank!

    Yea we put a pool filter sock on the filter to clear it up... it worked! we just put two pieces of live rock today and we ordered dry rock that will come in Friday to finish the aqua scape... went ahead and put 2 clowns and some hermits and snails in there bc I need something to look at. so we should wait about 3-4 weeks before we start adding coral? Im going to bring a water sample in to get tested next week. anything else I am missing? all comments welcome please!!
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  7. ericd000

    First tank!

    That's pretty darn cloudy. Doesn't look like any rock in there yet. Did you already add bacteria? That sand looks to be pretty fine, maybe Oolite (0.5-1.0mm in size). That will cloud the water for a while if you don't filter it out. It will also cloud up some whenever you disturb the sand, like when cleaning the tank. Generally for a system that's supposed to be ready for fish in 48 hours you'd need to add some bacteria to boost the nitrogen cycle, along with some cured live rock for the bacteria to colonize.
  8. Becnb264

    First tank!

    Thanks! I figured it was all the minerals but they said it should be ready for fish in 48 hours but there’s no way
  9. ericd000

    First tank!

    Welcome! It is normal for it to remain cloudy for a while. I want to say the longest I've experienced was a couple of days. Most bagged sand that I've used includes a small packet of liquid that is supposed drop out the floating particulates that cloud the water. It has been a while since I looked at a BioCube, but it may be possible to use some filter floss/pad in the back chamber to catch the floating stuff clouding the water to help clear it up.
  10. Becnb264

    First tank!

    Also any recommendation for rock? Live vs dry? Where is the best place to buy, etc...?
  11. Becnb264

    First tank!

    Good morning! I purchased my first bio cube tank yesterday. I put in the sand and water and it has been about 12 hours and it is still extremely cloudy. Is this normal? I used accurasea nsw and caribsea live aragonite reef sand. How long can I expect the tank to be cloudy? Thanks in advance and thanks for creating this community of support. Bennett from Baton Rouge
  12. SaltCritters

    Update Time! New Corals!

    Update time! We listed up some new corals! Check them out! Added some more sale items as well! Check them out! Have a good weekend!
  13. KHN

    Coralife 125G skimmer FS

    Bought this a while back when first set up my tank. Got it running for about a week or two. Upgraded to another one when this just broke in. So, this is almost like brand new with all parts that come with it. This can be set up as an in-sump or HOB.
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  15. How to Lower Phosphates in a Reef TankVIDEO: Mastering Nutrient Control
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  18. ericd000

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Yeah. Just my luck. So far I’ve ordered frags from Your Reef and Pieces of the Ocean on their live sale a few weeks back. The POTO frags all came in in excellent shape and are doing well so far. Mostly LPS but a couple of SPS frags. I’ll have to adjust my lights in the display some. I think I might have been frying a couple of frags after placing them in the display. Going to drop the overall intensity by about 20%. Had one of the monti frags I got from Jerry start bleaching after a couple of weeks in the display. I popped it off and put it back in the frag tank to recover. Hoping the ORA red planet frag recovers. Did a Chemiclean treatment Sunday night and did the follow up WC last night. 99% of the visible cyano was gone when I got home from work last night. Took the baster to the little bit remaining and hoping that it won’t come back. Also saw a bit of GHA starting to grow in the frag tank. Will need to replenish snails in there and add a few more to the refugium to clear up the bits I couldn’t manually remove last weekend. Might try a baby sea hare if AH still has any. Resumed dosing NO3P4X last night to hopefully head off a potential nutrient bloom from the cyano destruction. Will see. Display is mostly clear of GHA. A few short spots that the naso ignores and the snails haven’t gotten to yet. That’s about it on the tank update.
  19. Metryreefer

    Coralife LED 24" Fixture and Fluval 24-36" Marine LED Fixture

    Coralife still available
  20. Metryreefer

    4" Rock covered with various mushrooms

    Lots of mushrooms.Too many to count. Looking for $60. Im in metairie
  21. RedStickReefer

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Of course the freebie would croak on you...dang it. looks like you've got a good collection of corals going. Nice! I'm planning on hitting up Fragniappe and hopefully adding a few nice pieces of SPS to my collection in the 30g. Hopefully they'll be settled in and growing well by the time my 180g is ready.
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  23. Congratulations to "Jeff Curts" for winning Cobalt Aquatics Filter Media for Aquariums
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