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  2. My cell is 3379368766 if anyone want to contact for faster response. here some pictures toadstool, blastomussa mother if anyone want some. i also add some of my torch collection for enjoyment. All my torch are all in grow out not for sale. The last picture is sps frag being cut per request after paypal payment.
  3. Colony of Pandora’s, give off a nice glow when under blues. Zoas on left of rock will not be included. I live in Pollock. Text or call Cody @ 817-909-6650. $20 for the colony!!
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  5. To be clear...Single head frogspawn and octospawn are still available!
  6. I’m not in a huge rush but I’ll offer a huge discount for someone that buys everything to just make it easy for me 🙂
  7. DLatiolais6


    Sorry, just seeing this. I’m located in New Iberia
  8. Last week
  9. As title states thanks 601 215 6212
  10. Hi! I’m from new Iberia and interested in the Duncan, octospawn, frogspawn, and a few others! Can u send me a fb message? Kelli Rouly id like a few things from you!
  11. Hey bud, if you send me your number i will be making a trip to lake charles next week on Thursday. I will stop by.
  12. All the jb and speckle krak is sold. all the other zoanthids, sps and uc Iron man chalice are available. when u ready to come down to Lake Charles I will hook you up for local reefer. if you ever come down I want that red mushroom you have in your sale thread. what kind mushroom is that?
  13. moss bluff is the same Lake Charles. i dont hardly go to New Orleans sorry.
  14. Jawbreakers, Bounces, Zoas/Palys After this week I would be interested in possibly taking some if the price is right
  15. Check your messages and get back with me I might be able to help
  16. #1 Sunny Ds $20 #2 Red Goni $25 #3 AOI Morph Colony $40 #4 Sunny Ds $25 #5 CB Rainbow Infusion $30 #6 CB Vamps In Drag $25 #7 Sunny D $10 #8 ASD Afterburners $15 #9 WWC Utter Chaos $35 #10 WWC Utter Chaos $35 #11 CB Vamps In Drag $30 #12 CB Vamps In Drag $10 #13 CB Vamps In Drag $10 #14 ASD Superman Mushroom $25 #15 The most intense green mushrooms you have ever seen 6 total on this stone $40 #16 Toxic Branching Hammer MASSIVE HEAD 3" skeleton $40 #17 Red Goni Colony opens the size of a softball $150
  17. Green Star Polyp and Pulsing Xenia sold. Hit me up to come see them and make me an offer!
  18. I have this one left and another one I need to get a pic of These heads are MASSIVE. So big they look like wall hammers but they are not they are Paraancora with abnormally large skeleton growth
  19. Still have a handful of stuff left. My landlord is pist. Still a couple $100 away from my goal. If anybody would like some of what I have please let me know I am mobile today and could meet just about anywhere.
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