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  2. $600 or best offer by the end of the day.
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  4. daniel.f.velez

    Tank full of corals need gone this week, make offer!

    If still available? Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  5. daniel.f.velez

    Tank full of corals need gone this week, make offer!

    How much for everything left? Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  6. daniel.f.velez

    Large teal stag colony for sale $100

    Where r u located? Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  7. Sinfonian86

    70G Shallow Setup

    Bump Now 400
  8. Yesterday
  9. ericd000

    Frag Tank Photos, I have awakened!

    Some very nice pieces in there man. Those acans!
  10. Last week
  11. 110reef

    Balador Pump, Free

    Nice to hear. My tank(s) have mostly been on cruise control also. I lost my 8-yr old Moorish Idol. I bought three more, but none made it past a couple of months.Then I have had a couple of algae blooms that just wouldn't go away so it was nearly impossible to see into the tank for months. The fish I had survived that and I finally got it cleared up. I even got two new fish last week and they are doing great. Overall my tank is doing pretty well. But I am still basically in cruise control, and don't tend to post very much these days. I basically have very little to say. Best of luck setting the tank back up. I know it will be awesome. My current fish list in the 240 gallon is: Koran Angel, Annularis Angel, Queen Angel, Rock Beauty, Double Saddle Butterfly, Reef Butterfly, Jacknife, Porcupine Puffer, Royal Gramma, Powder Blue Tang. Then I have a 10 gallon tank with an Ocellaris clown and a Percula clown, plus some Grandis Palys.
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  13. arab

    Red Sea Reefer 250 FS

    Sold please close
  14. JusMenard

    40g Breeder (center overflow )

    Custom 40b with center overflow . Tank comes with everything you need rock , sand, light , heater , powerheads , skimmer , auto topoff and 20gallon sump. Whatever coral and livestock are left in the tank will also go . Located in Broussard Louisiana need gone ASAP . 500$
  15. Nathan

    Candy cane colonies

    Lower price!
  16. Nathan

    Dragon soul Favia

    Lower price!
  17. Nathan

    Buy one, get one free sale!

    If you buy one of these colonies of echinipora lamellosa (I have 4 available), I will throw in a free colony of orange zoas or acan Lord frag or mushrooms and Kenya tree with green star polyps. Located in Walker.
  18. Nemeth21

    Balador Pump, Free

    It only took a couple of hours, this pump has been claimed no longer available.
  19. Reef Tank Greg

    Frag Tank Photos, I have awakened!

    I'll take one of each plzkthx
  20. Hello BRK Getting close to getting water back into my 400 show tank. The past 4 years I've just had a 60 Gallon shallow frag tank while collecting some real nice gems at events like Fragniappe and MACNA's My photo capabilities are restricted to an I-Phone so don't critique the photo quality to hard.
  21. Nemeth21

    Balador Pump, Free

    Ken, How you been! Yes I am still alive, just been operating in the shadows for awhile. Been working on getting my 400 back up and running. The tank has been sitting empty for the past 4 years and over the last few months I have been doing a complete overhaul. A lot of woodworking, rebuilding cabinet doors and interior trim work. Also upgrading much of the equipment on the tank... 1. Removed Closed Loop (will mostly be using in tank circulation Vortex MP 60 and or Gyros's) 2. New Lighting 3. Old set up had a two sump system, new system will be a single sump. My old Octopus skimmer was so large it need it's own 30 gal sump. 4. New Ozonator, Dosing Pumps etc... With that being said my Frag Tank looks great! It been on cruise control for the past four years. I'll make a thread with some photos from my frag tank.
  22. D2shock87

    Balador Pump, Free

    PM sent
  23. 110reef

    Balador Pump, Free

    John - you are still alive? Nice to hear from you!
  24. Nemeth21

    Balador Pump, Free

    This Balador Pump was removed from my closed loop system on my 400 Galon show tank. The pump although not pretty is very healthy. Runs smooth and quite, this animal pushes some serious water. It it is free to whoever has the need for a high volume/ non pressure pump. Inlet and outlet are 1.5”
  25. Orange fungia, rock of GSP, and teal stylophora are sold. Everything else is still available and need to get sold ASAP.
  26. Nathan


    Orange fungia plate coral is sold.
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