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  2. Custom nano sump and skimmer for sale

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  5. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Alright man, will let you know. I figure I’m 4-6 weeks from fish, probably a bit longer before I mess with any corals other than zoas, palys, etc. Added ammonia drops last night to kick off the fishless cycle. Waiting for John to get the starter bacteria in so I can dump that in. Hopefully today or tomorrow. Ordered some Apex optical sensors to I can set up a trigger to refill my water reservoir when it gets low from the 75gal RODI holding tank.
  6. Looks good Eric. When you're ready come by and see if I have any thing I can hook you up with.
  7. ISO Frag System

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  8. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $450

    Open to trades
  9. Custom built “convertible” sump 18”x12.5”x13” with Tunze 9004 skimmer and CPR cs50 overflow. The sump can be used as a Triton style or with a filter sock (4” sock). Asking $200 -local pickup (willing to deliver within reasonable distance from Covington). .
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  11. Ultra Rock Flower Anemones! Just listed up some new anemones! Check them out! All Ultra Rock Flower Anemones are just $39.99! Tonight ONLY! Deal ends at Midnight est 7/17/18!
  12. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $450

    Maybe you have forgoten. I've been waiting to hear from you..................what do you have left. And when can I come get it.
  13. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $450

    Are you willing to trade? .
  14. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    I believe in you Kirk. You will have that thing turned around in no time and you will probably have to start charging people to get in your front door to see it. .
  15. ISO Frag System

    I’m in search of a complete frag system. I currently have one but want to upgrade. I want to trade a 12 ft ascend kayak, comes with two anchors, paddle valued at around $100 and seat. Thanks, PM if interested. .
  16. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    It's a diatom covered mess. All my fish are in the tank now. I lost a few prior to the transfer, but, almost all of the 13 year old ones made it. I have a few softies that survived the holding tanks, but, they seem to be bleaching in the new tank. I also now have aiptasia that somehow made it in on the tiny bits of rock I chipped these corals off with. I am waiting on some more batteries for the laser to kill off the ones I can see, and will just toss the corals that I can't get off the rocks. The skimmer smells REALLY bad with this new tank -- my entire house smells when the cup gets about 1/2 filled. I can't figure out why it's so bad, but, it's pretty awful ... to the point I nearly retch when going to dump the skimmer cup. Also, the tank has been cloudy since day one. Even with a UV sterilizer. I have had to resort to using filter socks, which are things I truly loathe, and they clog up in about 2 days. The water clarity has improved somewhat. If I had had all this happen with my first saltwater tank 16 years ago, I would have quit and gone back to freshwater. Sorry for all the negativity, but, it's kind of had to accept all of the losses, and, the difficulties I have had with the new setup, given that I have had multiple tanks (2-400 gallons) over the years, all highly successful, and when I get to my final upgrade, I can barely even keep softies happy.
  17. Fluvial Evo 5 for trade

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  18. Fluvial Evo 5 for trade

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  19. Fluvial Evo 5 for trade

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  20. Tunes 3155 ato $100

    Tunze ATO. $100. Works perfect. Text 7065752984 .
  21. As listed, breaking down my tank so I have no use for this. Everything worked as it should when I pulled it off today. Text me if interested 7065752984 .
  22. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Bump. Looking to trade/sell Mohawk Palys if anyone is interested. .
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