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  2. Open to trades too
  3. 30 obo. Just want to get the rehoming done ASAP. Like today if possible lol
  4. Today
  5. I have euphyllia I could frag for you ! I have frogspawn , octospawn, hammer , and duncan! Also have a couple of zoa frags, rainbow Yuma mushrooms and sps as well ! Located in coteau close to youngsville area
  6. rickyb1982

    ISO SPS frags

    Dont know if you are planning to head toward new Iberia anytime soon but I have some sps I could frag for you for cheap
  7. How much are you asking ?
  8. @Pitts337 hey man I live fairly close to Opelousas, I’d love to see what you have. Is there a way for us to pm, i just started using the forum, usually use the fb group.
  9. shes beautiful but too large for her very small tankmate. Lafayette LA area.
  10. I have plenty of gsp and Xenia but I’m in Opelousas if you wanna travel this way I’ll hook up with great prices I’m about to swap over tanks and needa cut a lot out
  11. No, would have to come up with more than that.
  12. They are indeed an amazing store. I would recommend it to anyone, but I'm looking for non-store prices.
  13. I do not. All have been sold. Sorry
  14. Eshopps Axium x -120 protein skimmer for sale. Rated for 75-120 gallons. Great working skimmer never had any problems. Setup for 1 year. Getting out of hobby need gone. $150 OBO
  15. Aquahut has what you need
  16. Need help catching a dottyback if anyone has any ideas
  17. Got some fire frags from Ben over at BSA corals ! Very nice frags for a very good price !!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Reefbreeders Photon V2 - 48” for sale. $450. Great light for growing all types of corals. 1 year old. I have had great luck growing sps, lps, and softies but unfortunately have to get out of the hobby. Dont miss out on this opportunity for a great light. Upgrade or new setup. Completely programmable with Wifi controller also includes stand and hanging kit.
  20. Mikey o

    75 gal reef

    Lg plate coral Finger leather Noen green toadstool leather Clove polyp Sheets of gsp Gorgogian Coral beauty Pink spot goby Two clown and a chromis
  21. Mikey o

    75 gal reef

    The tank is up and running cant sell lights yet
  22. aquaman67

    75 gal reef

    Price on the lights
  23. There are two mounted. Only the one mentioned is available for purchase.
  24. Is this still for sale if so would you take 100
  25. Is that one or two lumenbars mounted on it?
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