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  2. ericd000

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    That was quick!
  3. Reef Tank Greg

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  4. Reef Tank Greg

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    Damn, faster than I could even get by to read it.
  5. Grey Ghost

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    Pending .
  6. Last week
  7. Grey Ghost

    XL SPS Frag Pack

    Nice sized pieces with a good variety of color that include Setosa, Purple Cap, WWC Slimeball. Pack price is $50 and local pickup in Hammond, LA (no shipping) .
  8. #19 IMPELLER ASSEMBLY G3 & G4 (5000) - OPEN BOX RETURN, $19.89 Sedra 5000 Pump Suction Cup Plate with suction cups - NEW RETURN, $9.99 #18 - Pump Assembly For G3 & G4 (5000) ** SCRATCH & DENT UNIT **, $93.05 Aquatrance 2000S Skimmer Pump - NEW OPEN BOX RETURN, $79.04 Aquatrance 3000s Skimmer Pump - NEW OPEN BOX RETURN, $107.99 There are over 100 products on Sale & Clearance. Many of these sales are based on inventory, so make sure to get these deals fast!
  9. mknightryder

    Mknightryrder's PA 150

    ATI results came in this morning. Far as I can tell nothing looks to be too outta whack... They recomend to ADD phosphorus (however the heck you do that) and to cut off use of GFO if any is in use. I haven't used any gfo in a long long time... I was curious if my NO3 was truly as high as I read them because the pinkish colors on the Salifert seemed to read between 25 and 50ppm... Well ATI LAB says its 35, so I reckon I ain't as color blind as I was told in the past! Lol I'm going to attempt to post link to my results if you guys are interested and can decipher them better than me!
  10. ericd000

    What would you do?

    The company probably won’t accept the return of you ship it back. Keep it, use it if you feel comfortable that it hasn’t been tampered with.

    LF Purple Tang

    I am looking for a Med/LG Purple Tang. Does anybody have one they are looking to get rid of? PM with Pictures and Pricing. Thanks, Robbie
  12. I ordered some new salt a few weeks ago and when it was suppose to arrive it was signed by someone else not in my office. I called the company I order the salt from and they said that its not a big deal and that they will send out a new box to me. Well I got a call today from the office in the front of my office complex that I work at saying they have had the salt for a weeks now and that its their for pick up. I go and get the box from them and noticed it was opened, the box I'm referring too. In the box was the packing slip that had my address on it, so I get why they opened the box, however the bag that the salt was in was upside down. I flipped it up and it does not appear that anything has been messed with. I called the company I ordered it from and they said just to keep it. What would you do with the salt?
  13. In Today's video we jump over to MACNA to talk with Steve about Bashsea smart series sumps which are available at Premium Aquatics. Smart Series Sump: The smart series allows the end-user to completely control the filtration flow and method being used... The theory behind the smart series design is the hobbyist can change his or her mind on what filtration they want to use but will never need to change sumps #premiumaquatics #bashsea #smartseries Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the Bashsea Smart Series Pump: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page
  14. Vu337

    Bella goby

    Anyone interested in a Bella goby? He’s making too much mess on my sand bed. I brought it for $80 so asking the same amount.
  15. saltyfish808

    BRK meet at Aqua Hut

    Please let us know if you will be attending either here or on Facebook event page.
  16. saltyfish808

    BRK meet at Aqua Hut

    Come join us at Aqua Hut Aquariums Sunday November 4th from 11-4. Come chat with fellow Bayou Reefkeeping members and meet some new faces! Come check out the awesome selection of livestock they have to offer. There will be food, fun, and door prizes! You will not want to miss this event!
  17. Echomsp

    Tanks for sale

    Thanks! Wish I could have gotten the 210 as well. I need a bigger fish room!
  18. Rick92

    Tanks for sale

    120 gallon sold to Corey!
  19. BigEd1969

    LF Chaeto

    if anyone in the metairie area has some they can spare i could really use it, setting up the tank again after i broke it down to move.
  20. How to Keep Your Tank Alive During a Power Outage! Emergency Preparedness: Be ready when disaster strikes!
  21. Friday Update! New Corals and Anemones are up! Check them out! New Coral Feast Coral Food In Stock! Reef Flux In stock! Kill that algae! Gel Coral Glue In Stock! Don't forget to check out what's on SALE!
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  23. There are over 100 products on Sale & Clearance. Many of these sales are based on inventory, so make sure to get these deals fast!
  24. kirk_m

    Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Damned straight I could go some pearlberry, lol... let me know when it's all healed up and ready.
  25. SaltCritters

    You Picked it FLASH sale!

    You Picked it, Flash Sale!We asked for some 3 digit numbers from our Facebook fans. Then used a random picker to pick a comment. That comment was 343. So lets do... 3 hours at 43% off Livestock! Use coupon code "YouPick" Only at starts at 7pm est and ends at 10pm est 9/12/18. You MUST use the coupon during checkout to get the discount, we will not apply it for you. Only one coupon is allowed per order.)
  26. mknightryder

    Mknightryrder's PA 150

    I was skeptical when first adding the kessil cause of the lower par numbers... I was using a par30 in a dome reflector and it grew chaeto okay, but it also grew other nasty algae all over my sump... The kessil runs circles around the par 30 and its higher par when it comes to growing chaeto!
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