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  2. Male Mccosker wrasse $30

    I’ll take it if you are close. Location? .
  3. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    With rock and sand! Between the display, sump, skimmer, plumbing and 2 remote refugiums, I estimate it took around 420 gallons of saltwater to fill everything to running level. Got some pieces to order for the top-off and need to get the reactors plumbed in, but now that the standby generator is online, there is nothing to stall for.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Male Mccosker wrasse $30

    Got another fish. No room. Price drop. $20
  6. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    The 300 has water!
  7. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Hey @110reef Nudge...
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  9. And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    So... I did this thing....
  10. 90 gal rimless glass cage for sale + equipment

    It is i went there yesterday to pick up Atk nice guy recommended! .
  11. 90 gal rimless glass cage for sale + equipment

    Is this setup still available for sale???
  12. Zoas

    Where are you located and are they still for sale? .
  13. Fluvial Evo 5 for trade

    I have a fluvial evo 5, used, it’s about 1 1/2 years old. I’m looking to trade either Zoas or Chalice for it. Lafayette area please. .
  14. Male Mccosker wrasse $30

    Why are you getting ride of it?? .
  15. Few thing for sale

  16. Last week
  17. Few thing for sale

    Can I see the rock with the zoas?
  18. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Sure if you want to come by you can pick one out .
  19. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    I’m game with a trade. I have one with 4 heads is that okay? .
  20. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    most have 10 or more heads. .
  21. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Send a pic please .
  22. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Would you be interested in some grandis pallys .
  23. Few thing for sale

    6” blue ridge coral. $100 Rock with about 40 blondes zoas( I think) $100 purple clam 5” $75 blue clam 5” $75 mediun orange cap $30 i can text pictures if interested
  24. Male Mccosker wrasse $30

    Had him for over a year. Fat and hralthy
  25. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Thanks for the kind words, and yes please send pics. I tore down the reef and converted into a frag tank a few days ago so I’m turn my SPS bleached and the water is still cloudy. .
  26. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    I gotore than I know. Don't keep up with names. I'll try and get you some pics. You got some good looking stuff in there. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  27. Mohawk Palys For Sale

    Looking to trade for more Zoas/Chalice. What do you have in mind to trade? .
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