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  2. Rainbow Anemone .
  3. MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    Just wait until the apex alk monitor comes out and we are golden! I use these cameras. They are cheap and work. The instructions suck so use videos on youtube to set up. I have 3 of them. 2 for the tank and one in the sump. Thanks Kirk! Can't wait to see your new setup. Have you ordered anything yet?
  4. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Tank update!! I stopped by the school today and added a few new pieces that were donated by forum member Razzmatazz and some other pieces from our display tank at home! We also removed the filter sock from the tank and replaced it with the Innovative custom caddy for easier filtration and media replacement. The tank is going through the ugly diatom stage but after a quick blast of the rock, sand, and a water change it was good as new. The kids voted on the name for the fire-fish, it was "fishy" as the top choice over Nemo and Grumpy. News of the tank has already spread through the school. Two full classes of first and second grade students were brought into the room to see the tank!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Giesemann Spectra

    Good thinking.
  7. Aiptasia Laser Rental - $25/week.

    Good deal. I'll def give it a try after we get Macna behind us. I'll try to zap as many as I can find and then throw some more peps in there. The last time I threw a dozen peps in, my pink spotted goby ate a bunch of them. I might have to catch Mr. Grouchy and put him in my 29g for awhile to let the peps do their thing... thx bro
  8. Need 2 borrow.

    That's a winner. I'll take care of it like my own.
  9. Last week
  10. NEW! Reef Glass - Our Smallest Nano Skimmer Ever Finally a protein skimmer that fits into most all AIO aquariums!
  11. Vectra S1: The Smallest Pump Yet From EcoTech Marine The all-new Vectra S1 is small enough to fit into your nano tank-sized sump!
  12. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    that's real good news! Good deal!
  13. Equipment For Sale

    Dropped prices!!!
  14. Few fishes for sale

    Bump .
  15. Still for sale. Need gone this week if possible. Price reduced to $250.
  16. OF forest fire digi

    sending you a PM about the other frag .
  17. Tri-Color Rose Anemones

    If you are going to baton rouge anytime soon, I will take two of them.
  18. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    I'll be there.
  19. 1st baby/pending move = EVERYTHING for sale.

    Livestock sold. Ad in equipment section. Can moderators please close thread? .
  20. Selling my 50 gall SC aquarium. Baby on the way $800

    Will do, thanks for the info
  21. 1st baby/pending move = EVERYTHING for sale.

    All the livestock is gone, but I'll message you the tank price
  22. ISO:20-30g aio setup

    I have a bio cube if interested pm me thanks
  23. 60g cube 300$

  24. Apex 300$

  25. Cool PoTM Collage

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