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  1. Today
  2. I'll be making a trip up from BR this week if anyone is on the fence
  3. Yesterday
  4. Serious questions (1) is it worth it to buy lights this old (2) are they able to be controlled by some of the newer controllers (I've seen mixed)
  5. I'll give the chemiclean a shot. Tank has been up for 2.5 years. Been fighting with this algae for about 6 months. Everything I try seems to fail. Been doing a weekly 20% water change from day 1.
  6. Tanks going to awesome! Love the minimal scape!
  7. Going to be an awesome meet! Did you see what Sean has for door prizes? You will not want to miss this!
  8. saltyfish808

    Grande palys.

    These are awesome! Jerry, I sold my colony but kept one polyp!
  9. Last week
  10. Skimmer-$150 calcium reactor $150 pm for information
  11. I was using a CA1400 pump as the supply pump. It worked great with it when it was up and running. Pitt337 so you are not coming this weekend?
  12. Looking for 75 gallon Shreveport Chris Martin 727-479-7962
  13. lars

    Green bird'snest

    Sold. Please close.
  14. Saltforbrains


    Looking for any AIO'S, so if you have one laying around let me know. The Freer the better
  15. Gome

    ISO SPS frags

    Sounds great. I will definitely reach out if I get up that way. I appreciate it.
  16. Gome


    Anyone with a RBT in the Prairieville area? Let me know. thanks
  17. Preferably the Smart ATO micro or the Aqua Duetto Dual Sensor.
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