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  2. 110reef


    Maybe Uronema. Choroquine Phosphate will kill it.
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  4. ๐ŸŽ… Todayโ€™s Giveaways: IceCap ATO and Santa Monica Algae Scrubber! ๐ŸŽ… The Ninth Day of Fishmas
  5. datboyhieu

    Aqueon 150 gallon reef tank

    Dang not what Iโ€™m looking for good luck .
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  7. In Today's video, we take a look at both the Maxspect Coral Gluegun and Coral Handsaw, which both are available at Premium Aquatics. Maxspect Coral Gluegun: Maxspect Coral Handsaw: Enter to win this product: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on the YouTube video page. Visit Premium Aquatics: Follow Premium Aquatics ----- Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -
  8. Win a VorTech! + Get Organized: 10% off Controller Boards The Eighth Day of Fishmas
  9. Copepods: Our lowest prices EVER + Another JBJ Tank GIVEAWAY! The Seventh Day of Fishmas
  10. rickyb1982

    Jebao controllers

    I have two of these that I got on a trade and never used them due to not having jebao pumps !! 50 bucks for both or trade for frags !! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. ๐ŸŽ„ Kessil A360X Giveaway + 24 Hour Sale on Somatic ๐ŸŽ„ The Sixth Day of Fishmas
  12. stoned

    MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    That's awesome. When the wife sees the money coming in from selling frags, see will get use to it. Congrats Nem Daddy
  13. Marine Depot

    Good Tidings from DrTim's

    Good Tidings from DrTim's The Fifth Day of Fishmas
  14. Freddie

    AI Prime

    what are you looking to get?
  15. SaltCritters

    Friday Update! 150+ New Corals!

    Friday Update! 150+ new corals! More $10 frags added! Lower Livestock shipping Price! Now just $24.99! Need to frag your corals? We have what you need.
  16. Checkitout

    Gauging Interest in Mr. Pacman frags

    Lol, thanks man. Yea it can be very addicting for sure.
  17. The Season of Giving โ€ฆ Frags To Friends! The Fourth Day of Fishmas
  18. RedStickReefer

    New Member First Time Reef Keeper

    Sweet! I haven't used actual live rock since my very first saltwater tank back in 2010. I typically buy the dry reef savor rock or pukani rock from bulk reef supply. I like the rock, but cycling a tank with it sucks. That live rock should help you with your tank cycle.
  19. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    I HATE the build process, but thanks Greg! I just want to get past all this crap and start growing some sticks. I made slightly more progress today. Will stopped by after work and helped me take the tank off the stand and put the stand on the platform. Then I nailed in all the strong ties to tie the platform to the stand. 2018-12-12_06-08-52 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr I made not one, but TWO rookie mistakes while cutting the skin for the stand. I didn't want to waste any of Will's time, so in a rush to cut the skin (I needed Wills help to hold the thin plywood skin while I cut) I used the original measurements I took of the stand and didn't account for the height of the newly added platform. ALSO, I didn't keep the grain of the wood going in the same horizontal direction when I cut the side panels....DOUBLE It is frustrating, but truthfully it doesn't really matter in the end. The base trim and crown moulding I'll be adding will cover the gaps. I'm also painting the stand, and the skin is so smooth I highly doubt you'll be able to see any grain through the paint when I'm done. Every time I look over at the stand now I can't help but to shake my head and laugh. 2018-12-12_06-09-26 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr That's all the progress on the 180g for now. Next, I plan on borrowing a router (mine got ruined in the flood) and cutting out the opening for the stand, adding the 3/4" plywood to the top to add the ledge, and trimming out the rest of the stand. Oh, I also plan on adding a cabinet to the left of the stand to keep all of the Apex equipment and controllers in, with a gimble mounted touch pad on top to show me all of my parameters in real time and to use as the main controller for the tank. Should look pretty sweet when I'm done! Hopefully... Quick update on the 30g...I've done a 50% water change two days in a row. My Ca has finally dropped to 479, but my Alk is still hovering around 6.0. I gave the tank an alk boost of 60mL today and I'll test to see if it had any effect tomorrow. I mixed up some more saltwater today and plan on doing a third 50% water change this week. Hopefully the 30g parameters will be good to go afterward. Corals are still looking good with the exception of the PC Rainbow. It's just looking a little faded.
  20. We're Bringing Goodness and LIGHT The Third Day of Fishmas
  21. garrettgomez55


    acanthophyllia $500 .
  22. garrettgomez55

    Apex classic with add ons

    Apex classic with WXM VORTECH & RADION WIRELESS MODULE, DOS DOSING AND FLUID METERING SYSTEM and everything that comes with the classic $600 itโ€™s still hooked up to the tank if you want pictures just PM me. .
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  24. Holiday Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers | JBJ Tank Giveaway! The Second Day of Fishmas[/SIZE]
  25. k_bartholomew33


    This and a current led light 48โ€™ for 150 .
  26. Congratulations to "Lynn N" for winning the Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance and Reef Enhance
  27. ClariSea Solves The Biggest Inconvenience Of Mechanical Filtration Our video review of the Gen2 ClariSea Automatic Fleece Filter by D-D
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