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  1. Today
  2. Is the 48 in photon still available?
  3. Im selling a 150 gallon aquarium with stand and a new fx6 canister filter. The tank is 48x 24x30. Everything is in great condition, the only reason im selling it is because im switching from freshwater to salt water and want a different setup. The fx6 is less than a year old. Im asking $800 for everything obo. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  4. Still have a purple hammer? I work in New Iberia.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I got a 40g breeder set up. I’m in the process of moving it into a 75g. In a month if you still have the setup I would love to trade.
  7. RBTA- $25 each Frogspawn-$10/head Acan-$15/each Message me for pics. 8179096650
  8. I'm getting out of the hobby for a while till after I buy my house, I'm selling off all of my aquarium stuff. Innovative marine nuvo sr120- 120 gallon all in one tank and stand. Stand is 2x4 with 3/4in birch top and bottom, no side panels or front. Tank has screen lid and return pumps. Outside DIMS: Length 70.87” Width: 23.62” Height: 16.14”. The false acrylic wall separated from the glass filtration area so when tank is empty you can see but it doesnt affect functionality at all. Tank is still running so can show it holds water fine and works as it should. Retails $3000 asking $800 obo. 2 older mp40s not qd, both work fine as they should, they are still running on the 120. Both for $200 obo Reef octopus classic 2000 hob skimmer- had water in it 2 times for a few minutes to make sure it worked as it should, so basically brand new still. Retails $260 asking $220 Reef octopus classic 1000 hob skimmer- used for a while on my old tank and worked great. Retails $240 Asking $120 obo Older reef octopus 150( I think) in sump protein skimmer, used works fine. Asking $120 Jbj rl45 no stand- 45 gallon aio tank used for a few years and could use a good cleaning. Comes with return pumps and intank brand media basket and the media baskets that came with it. Retails $340 asking $200 Will update more as I go through shed. Can send pics. Call or text 504-645-8425
  9. near baton rouge have stunner chalice, grows insanely fast
  10. Last week
  11. 75 gallon tank Drilled w/ overflow box for sale $100 tank only
  12. I have a Eshopps L over flow with all the bulk heads, and a Bubble-magus C 3.5 skimmer... Someone get these before I make the wife mad with another tank 😂
  13. Sold, Sorry. Only the 48" is left.
  14. Interested in the plates...not in the drive from BR, lol
  15. Bumping it up ! Buy one get one free
  16. jwatson

    Carpet Anemone

    Looking for a carpet.. preferably smallish, color not too important
  17. I have euphyllia I could frag for you ! I have frogspawn , octospawn, hammer , and duncan! Also have a couple of zoa frags, rainbow Yuma mushrooms and sps as well ! Located in coteau close to youngsville area
  18. rickyb1982

    ISO SPS frags

    Dont know if you are planning to head toward new Iberia anytime soon but I have some sps I could frag for you for cheap
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