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  1. Today
  2. I love tabling acros. If have frags pm or comment below. Also if you have any high end acro frags feel free to comment /pm
  3. They are frags one is closed up and one not fully opened those 2 are zoanthoids scrambled eggs is one of them. I'm new to all of this and my child came up with medical problems so dont have the time for it. Willing to sell blood shrimp separate not sure how you do that though.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Looking for a Prime AI HD. message me @2253616499 thankyou!
  6. Last week
  7. Aquatics by Nature in Mandeville
  8. Used 65 in great shape. I drilled this tank and made overflow box. Comes with glass tops and led light (no stand) 36x18x25 $150 message for pictures
  9. mikediamo

    Sailfin Tang

    Is the sailfin still available and how much?
  10. Let me know when you are passing through BR. I would love to buy a frag from this.
  11. Bump - Torches Sold, everything else is left.
  12. Bump. Big beautiful coral! Just too big for my nano. Up for trades as well.
  13. Wish you where closer to Shreveport I would take some
  14. Earlier
  15. rickyb1982

    WD tenuis

    Thinking about making a couple of 3/4" frags of my WD ! 85.00 per frag if anyone is interested ! Also have a few others I can frag at 20 bucks per frag ( miyagi tort, forest fire digi, hard purple bonsai, no name green acro and red and green monticaps! Rainbow yumas 20 bucks per shroom and I have a few green yumas also for 20 bucks per shroom !! My cell is 337-577-2307
  16. I do not. I sold it. Mods lock it up please
  17. reefdave

    Free cheato

    Brought it all to the meet, check back next month. I always have plenty
  18. Let us know if you will attending!
  19. Im.looking for some chaeto for my son's biocube. Making the center section a fuge. Thanks ahead of time
  20. Know what day you’ll be coming this way with the rfa’s??
  21. Yea just didn’t know if it was the same pumps or a different one
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