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  3. Hydor performer 705 protein skimmer. Reg price $350.00 Works well, just needs to be cleaned. I rearranged my sump area and this skimmer was too big to fit under my stand after. Rated for 200-300 gallon tank. $80.00
  4. Gome

    ISO SPS frags

    Sounds great. I will definitely reach out if I get up that way. I appreciate it.
  5. Last week
  6. Gome

    Green bird'snest

    Were you located?
  7. Gome


    Anyone with a RBT in the Prairieville area? Let me know. thanks
  8. Preferably the Smart ATO micro or the Aqua Duetto Dual Sensor.
  9. I live in Marrero and have plenty soft coral. Pretty much everything you listed. Call or text me. Shane 415-0302
  10. Interested. Sent private message
  11. Cycling takes time. Be patient, grasshopper. Your surface area is more than adequate for the zero bioload that you currently have.
  12. Jamie

    105 rimless tank

    105 rimless tank. I enjoy this tank but just purchased a new home and lack the space to set it up. Comes with stand and 40 gallon sump. 800.00 obo
  13. You may not have enough rock in the system or the rock isn't porous enough for the bacteria to colonize quickly enough, or you had too much ammonia input initially, or not enough Dr Tim's was used. Give it time, add more rock (or some Marine Pure blocks\cubes\balls to the sump) or add more bacteria. Also the bacteria may have gotten too hot, cold, or expired. Dr. Tim's has a 6 month shelf life at room temp. 1 yr if refrigerated. If it got much over 90 degrees, then much of the viable bacteria may have died off. If it gets below 35 or so, it will also start to die off.
  14. Great update Greg! Looks like they installed the same genny they installed for me. Definitely helps with your peace of mind while traveling and the like.
  15. as odd as this is, I have one of those 2.5 white jugs I'd trade for another blue 5...In Denham
  16. I want some! Any available still?
  17. Thanks @Pitts337! I’ll definitely hit you up on that. I’ll PM you.
  18. Anyone have any plumbing parts laying around? Like bulk heads and ummm Wanting to plumb in my stock ATO as a fuge.
  19. I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for my old 75 gallon system that I "started with". I know the guy is from down south and he set it up in a school (?)
  20. +1 on live feed plus a mic so we can talk to ya at the same time 🤣
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