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  1. Yesterday
  2. Price reduced 500.00 firm. Tank is broke down, ready to go. Work out of town and looking for something smaller perhaps an AIO
  3. Congratulations to "pgr VII" for winning the Eshopps Nano Reef Tank Protein Skimmer
  4. Last week
  5. would you be willing to trade for a 75 gallon frag tank, stand and trigger 36 sump?
  6. Been a while since I updated here. Sorry Tank has been going great and smooth. Everything in my opinion has been a perfect start. This is the tank as it sits. Almost 2 months since it was filled. Taking it slow and wont be adding coral until it’s stocked with my fish. So far the stock list is Midas Blenny 3 blue/green chromis 2 molly ( were honestly suppose to die in the cycle process lol) 2 zebra bar dartfish flame angel copperband tricolor fairy wrasse only fish left to add are yellow tang leopard wrasse Royal gramma A9575A70-DA9F-4494-9C37-0F83FB07E476.m4v 826DBA80-8765-4B4F-9171-455A61B865B7.MOV
  7. More Anemones are up! Ultra rock flower anemones just $20 our pick! Just $50 for Rare ultra rock flower anemones and the rest are only $25 or less! All with a 14 day guarantee and FREE shipping at $200!
  8. In today's video, we are taking a look at the IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactorwhich is available at Premium Aquatics. 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on the YouTube video. IceCap Kalk Mixing Reactor: Visit Premium Aquatics: Follow Premium Aquatics ----- Facebook - Instagram -
  9. No not all sold. the foxface and scopas are in the process of being picked up. Everything else is available.
  10. $25 Ultra Rock Flower Anemones are up! $20 Our Pick Anemones! Over 100 new corals listed!
  11. want to take a second as we are all preparing in different ways for this storm and remind everyone of you good friend the fishes. I know some of you might have things in place for an emergency but for those that dont and are not sure what to do. Let's get some suggestions for different approaches going for the community. My approach is a battery back like those used for computers with a air pump and stone hooked up. It last me almost two days if I remember correctly. I also have a power inverter in my car that can then charge them back up to 100% If this is not an option then just find a battle buddy in your area that might be able to take hold fish and coral in their house once the storm has passed. Wishing everyone the best of luck, stay safe! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  12. Time to show that algae who's BOSS! Let's take a look at the Live Rock Enhance while we dream of BBQ ribs. Oh, maybe not, BUT let's take a look at ReefBrite's Live Rock Enhance and see what it does for my system that is currently developing Diatoms (Brown algae). Make sure to check out the products here: ReefBrite Live Rock Enhance.: Nyos Quantum Skimmers:
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  14. With a rich history of how Premium Aquatics started, we're proud to have been featured on FOX59 News Your Town Friday segment!! Thank you FOX59 for stopping by!! Check out the link below to see the segment, and make sure to stop by during our next open hours on July 20th, 2019 12:00-3:00pm EST, we'd love to have you visit! Fox 59 Segment on Premium Aquatics: Facebook: Website: Livestock price and availability list:
  15. Mp10 are they the QD? .
  16. anh85

    Tank breakdown

    $2500 (tank and stand) 300 gallon tank glass 96” x 24” x 30” (dual overflow / 2 holes per overflow. Planet Aquarium tank and also resealed by Planet Aquarium, been empty and stored inside) 80/20 extruded aluminum stand (guessets on every vertical leg, stainless steel hardware and attached with anchors. 15 Series all around, 3in x 3in everywhere but bottom perimeter. Bottom perimeter 1.5in x 3in) $250 - Apex Classic Black Label (with Temperature Probe and EB8 (screen still works but backlight out so its dim) $200 Each - 3x Ecotech Marine MP40Wes (with QuietSide with wet sides) $50 (pending) - Reeflink $250 - 2x Maxspect Gyre XF150 Set (comes with Advance Controller, both Gyre has suspension mount upgrade, motor block replaced during wire issue recall and propeller upgraded to ‘ruggedized propeller’, so its technically XF230) $600 - Geo Reef calcium reactor and kalk reactor set (both 618 models, comes with Aquarium Plants Carbon Doser regulator, an extra two stage regulator, 5lb co2 tank and Grey Beard Peristaltic Pump 500ml/min) $200 - Bubble Magus dosing pump set (T01 3 dosing head master unit and T02 4 head expansion unit) $40 - Next Reef MR1 Media Reactor $50 - Flipper Max $100 - Jebao DCT-15000 return pump $70 - 2x 200 gallon Reef Crystals salt box
  17. I am back in town let's schedule some PAR test for those interested. Just post on this thread and I'll PM back but at least this way everyone else is aware of the time block you selected. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  18. Hey guys so I’m located in Baton Rouge and I’m trying to find a relatively close lfs that would drill my 29 gal aquarium. Willing to drive a decent ways. I know I could do it myself but I’m worried about doing it myself since I’ve never done it. Has anyone used any close by lfs or know any that offer this service. .
  19. Was there anyone planning on coming to MACNA 2019 orlando this year from the club who would like to meet up at MACNA? Or interested in helping with the show for some free perks?
  20. TTT. if something is priced too high or unfairly, please let me know/ make an offer. thanks!
  21. Happy 4th of July! Save 30% on Corals and Anemones! No coupon needed! Discount will show at checkout. TODAY ONLY! (Sale expires 7/4/18 at midnight est. Sale prices can only be applied to NEW orders.) New corals are up!
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