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  2. Looking to temporarily borrow or trade for a nano reef light

    It is - mods please close that sales listing
  3. Bortacladia

    According to Russ Kronwetter, Red Grapes are collected between 60’-120’ of water. When I get it from Divers it is a dark maroon color. All to often, it is put under reef lighting conditions where it fades in color, loses its flotation berries and disappears. Red Grapes can grow in brighter light. I have had several tanks in which red grapes went sexual. The next year Red Grapes were coming up everywhere, including high light areas.
  4. Natural Reefkeeping

    I kept the Sea Apple for two years. While not “old age” it is an accomplishment.
  5. Fish and Eel for sale

    Location ? Call or text 2256504902 .
  6. upgrade from 25 Gallon Hex to 180 gallon

    Glad to see your tank coming along. Those squids are notorious for stop working after some time. And hard to clean. You may look into the 1 inch squid, it has a cap on top for cleaning it. If you go that route. Since you have the ocean motion, you may want to eliminate the squids all together. And just add a couple of power heads. I would recommend not eliminating the squids.
  7. Carbon dosing in reef terminology is “adding a carbon source and exporting nutrients with a protein skimmer”. “Carbon Fixation” is nature’s way to add a carbon source to grow everything on planet earth. Carbon Fixation is Dynamic Equilibrium between carbon dioxide gas in air and dissolved gas in water coupled with photosynthesis to produce glucose which is a “carbon source”.
  8. Finally made it here from LARC

    Aquascaper was a member nice guy he no longer keeps tanks from my understanding. Haven’t seen him in about 3 years .
  9. ★ 15% off Tunze ★ 15-20% off MD ★ 20% off Ecosystem ★ FREE Lid w/ NanoBox Light ★ Black Friday Every Day: Deal #8 - 20% off MD RO/DI Systems (and 15% off everything else)! - 15% off Tunze! - 20% off Trigger Systems ATO reservoirs (and 15% off everything else!) - 20% off Ecosystem Aquarium! - Get a FREE Bamboo Lid with any NanoBox light purchase!
  10. Zoas and sps frags $25

    Price drop
  11. 32” sb reef led wifi

    I am testing the waters because I am soon upgradeing to a 60” tank. If I can sell this light I will get the fixture I want. If not I may try to use it as a led/t5 combo. Asking $350. I bought it at macna so it is about 3months old have has been ran at 50% or less. Very powerful light.
  12. Well, at least it wasn't a total loss. Let us know how things go from here. -Kamran
  13. Yesterday
  14. patching pipe

    Let us know how the water test turns out! I think you did the right thing. A patch is simply a patch... At least now you know it is fixed and done the right way. That little assurance will help you sleep better at night! Trust me, in this hobby there are many things to worry about! Eliminating one thing is good for your sanity!!!
  15. Welcome all new members

    I would like to welcome all new members. Fill out your profile to help other members out. You might meet other members in your area. My name is Scott and I’m from Lafayette. Any local reefers need any help I’m usually available. .
  16. Grandis pallys for sale Lafayette

    I have a whole bunch of frags for sale I frags starting at 10 dollars going up to 40 dollars .
  17. Buy 1 test kit get 1 FREE, $30 off our most POPULAR doser + ICYMI: Almost everything’s on sale! Black Friday Every Day: Deal #7 + $30 off Reefdoser EVO4 + BOGO Test Kits - TODAY ONLY! + 15% off Aqua Medic + 10-20% off Aquatic Life + 10% off select ATI
  18. I accidentally fragged the Palmer's blue milli last week while cleaning the tank. The frag is now healed and ready to sale. Just one frag. Asking $25.
  19. Breaking down the 300

    pictures of the mp60 that’s ready to go .
  20. 24" 4 bulb T5 Lafayette

    Make reasonable offer
  21. Brs dual reactor Lafayette

    Make offer will trade for corals .
  22. 40 breeder

    Make offer will trade for coral .
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