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  2. Amc8804

    Biocube 32g LED Hood $125

    I have the biocube 32g with stock LED lights. This is a great tank for me! Lights do really well for lps and softies and simple sps like birdsnest if it’s high enough! will come with rock (live or dry), power head, heater and return pump. Plug and play system! Pm or text 337-940-0994
  3. Amc8804

    mods please delete

    Mods please delete post!!
  4. Yesterday
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  6. arab

    Red Sea Reefer 250 FS

    Sold please close
  7. Last week
  8. JusMenard

    40g Breeder (center overflow )

    Custom 40b with center overflow . Tank comes with everything you need rock , sand, light , heater , powerheads , skimmer , auto topoff and 20gallon sump. Whatever coral and livestock are left in the tank will also go . Located in Broussard Louisiana need gone ASAP . 500$
  9. Nathan

    Candy cane colonies

    Lower price!
  10. Nathan

    Dragon soul Favia

    Lower price!
  11. Nathan

    Buy one, get one free sale!

    If you buy one of these colonies of echinipora lamellosa (I have 4 available), I will throw in a free colony of orange zoas or acan Lord frag or mushrooms and Kenya tree with green star polyps. Located in Walker.
  12. Nemeth21

    Balador Pump, Free

    It only took a couple of hours, this pump has been claimed no longer available.
  13. Reef Tank Greg

    Frag Tank Photos, I have awakened!

    I'll take one of each plzkthx
  14. Orange fungia, rock of GSP, and teal stylophora are sold. Everything else is still available and need to get sold ASAP.
  15. Nathan


    Orange fungia plate coral is sold.
  16. BigEd1969

    LF Chaeto

    bump still looking for some
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  18. JRA95SHO

    100 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium - Full Setup

    Price reduced. I should have specified in my original post. Come get it all for $400. Need gone soon.
  19. Earlier
  20. Amc8804

    SPS collection for SALE!!

    Updated price list! I would love to keep these frags in the bayous!!
  21. Reef Jeeves

    FREE 75 gallon drilled with stand and canopy

    Sold, please close.
  22. reefdave

    FISH For sale

    going a different direction with my tank, I have the following for sale. Pickup Sunday orMonday, If not going to LFS.Sail fin tang 50.00Coral beauty 25.00Both great eaters and healthy david
  23. SaltCritters

    Friday Update

    New Goodies at SaltCritters! Just listed up some new goodies! Check them out! Need to frag your corals? We have what you need.
  24. jovahn

    Bella goby

    Do you still have the goby and where are you located
  25. 110reef

    Forums vs Social Media

    I still like the forums. However, I have reached a point where my tank is relatively in autopilot. I spend next to nothing on it except food or if some issue arises. I find that most of the posts are selling posts, either tanks being shut down, or someone selling equipment or livestock. Since I am not much in the market, I don't really look at those threads. Since Photobucket messed with everyone, I also find it to be a pain to post pictures, so I don't do that either. Additionally, I have been in the hobby for 44 years now, and there aren't many situations that I have questions about anymore. So my presence here is much reduced. That being said, I'd rather look at the Forum than the Facebook page.
  26. It's Back! Get FREE Shipping on orders over $99! Use coupon code "FS" Ends 10/5/18! Check out the new Ultra Rock Flower Anemones! Check them out!
  27. madmax250

    28 nano cube

    still for sale?
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