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  2. 2fish4u

    One spot fox face rabbit fish $40

    Should be fine with those fish. Not sure if tomorrow will work. Have dinner plans but not sure what time yet. Worst case you would need to pick it up by 6. I’ll let you know. .
  3. Yesterday
  4. Reef Currents Saturday May 4, 2019 9:30 to 3:30 Sheraton North Houston (IAH) 15700 JFK Blvd Houston, TX 77032 See the link for vendor, speaker, raffle, schedule, & ticket info. We have vendors from across the country, including WWC who haven't been to Texas since 2014. Speaker presentations are FREE this year including a Q & A session Bob Fenner, (WWM), Jason Fox (Q&A only), Andrew Jaroszewski (CRF), & Lou Schiavo (RAP & WWC) Extension raffle that includes 10 aquariums, set-ups, and high-end equipment! *Wet Web Media, Jason Fox Signature Corals Coral Restoration Foundation, Reef-A-Palooza World Wide Corals
  5. VIDEO: Top 10 Nano Reefer Mistakes Avoid these common pratfalls to ensure your nano reef is a success!
  6. Pitts337

    Long tentacle plate

    Anyone have any for trade or sell
  7. Hey guys, Here's what left from my tank breakdown. LOCAL, CASH SALES or will ship. The Filter Guys Ocean Wave RODI with BRS Dual Deionization Canisters - $150 Flipper magnetic cleaner with replacement blade - $10 Innovative Marine Gourmet Defroster & Gourmet Grazer - $10 Eheim Fish Feeder - $10 5. Neptune Systems Apex Gold Set - $900 (includes): -Energy Bar 8 ($160 Value) -Display Module ($100 Value) -Base Unit ($250 Value) -WXM Module ($125 Value) -ALD Module ($75 Value) -PM2 Module ($85 Value) -Breakout Box ($40 Value) -Two (2) Solid Surface Leak Detection Probes ($30 Value Each) -Temperature Probe ($30 Value) -Conductivity/Salinity Probe ($125 Value) -pH Probe ($75 Value) -ORP Probe ($85 Value) -Conductivity Calibration Solution ($3 Value) -Five (5) AquaBus Cables ($20 Value Each) -AFS Automatic Feeding System ($100 Value)
  8. Last week
  9. Roid Reefs

    Some Stuff for sale

    No livestock available. Edited to show what equipment is available.
  10. Spring Clearance! More new items went up! More Slashed Prices!
  11. Nolamedic

    AI hydra and Director

    Used AquaIllumination Hydra. Will include AI director for WiFi and hanging brackets.West Bank New Orleans . $160 .
  12. Bigp623

    Pink lemonade, pink milli and joe the coral.

    Interested as well, and Im not to far from you
  13. Nolamedic

    60 gallon cube tank with stand

    60 gallon cube tank and stand. No leaks. Stand has cosmetic flaws but is functional. Please note there is a hole cut in the top of the canopy that I used for led light at one time. West Bank New Orleans local pickup only. Asking $100 or best offer. .
  14. Easter Baskets and Eggs for your Reef! The Easter Bunny wants to $AVE you money! Ends TONIGHT @ Midnight!
  15. Premiumaq

    GIVEAWAY: Eshopps Bio Lux

    In Today's video, we take a look at the Eshopps Bio-Lux ultra porous ceramic biofilter media, which is available at Premium Aquatics. Eshopps Bio-Lux: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page. Visit Premium Aquatics: Follow Premium Aquatics ----- Facebook - Instagram -
  16. Congratulations to "Matt Bowers" for winning the AI Prime Fuge | The LED light for Refugiums
  17. Noragos4

    180g Tank for Sale

  18. MockandRoll

    MockandRoll Reefer 170 (40g)

    I posted this video on the national forums trying to sell them. Figured I would post as an update here on how the rock flower anemones are doing.
  19. Spring Clearance! More items went up! More ultra rock flower anemones are up! More Slashed Prices
  20. Clear Water Scrubbers: All-Natural Filtration To Help You Control Algae, Nitrate, and Phosphate Video + GIVEAWAY for Clear Water Algae Scrubbers!
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  22. saltyfish808

    Annual BRK crawfish boil!

  23. reefdave

    150 gallon for sale

    No, standard tank
  24. Congratulations to "baringcs" for winning the Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage 2000+ UV Sterilizer
  25. 48 Hour Tax Day Sale: 10% off almost everything! Spend your reefund @ MD and save 10% or more on most items! Offer ends 4/15/19 or while supplies last. Some exclusions apply.
  26. SaltCritters

    Sunday Funday!

    Sunday Funday! More items went up! More $25 ultra rock flower anemones are up! More Slashed Prices
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