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  3. Don’t forget to check out our Sale & Clearance items containing over 110 products. Many are based on inventory, so make sure to take advantage now!
  4. Congratulations to "Sion S" for winning the Blue Life Safety Stop
  5. New Anemones! New Anemones are up!
  6. We had so much fun at this place 20 something years ago when it was a nightclub we would dance on the wall by the sharks I will never have another place like this again
  7. New Coral Tuesday! New Goodies are up!
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  9. Tank Series - The Super Secret Product Reveal! Another couple pieces added to the setup! The kiddos are getting excited for some animals inside this thing! :) Bashsea Smart Series ATO: Visit Premium Aquatics:
  10. Yes very interested i just want to know what kind of light output these old dial reef breeder lights are putting out
  11. According to their description of the pump .........eFlux™ controllable DC flow pumps efficiently produce strong water flow with high pressure. Featuring a sealed DC motor and magnetic drive design, eFlux™ flow pumps can be used inline (external) or submersible in both marine and freshwater. Nothing is wrong with it I just took down my tank and no longer need it. It worked like a champ when it was in use. Here is the link to the pump where I bought it from
  12. Pitts337

    3.7 nano

    After careful consideration and my wallet telling me otherwise. I think ima have to part with my 3.7 gallon nano cause 4 tanks is really gunna be to much for me to handle at one time... so I’m looking to trade it for a torch I can add a little money if needed and the torch is nice enough or some zoas or any cool lps And 50$ if I have to put a price The kktank was given to me by Ricky mostly looking to get back a little on the equipment I recently got for it 3.7 gallon imaginarium tank Par38 tuna blue light and mount both brand new Comes with a aqueon return pump I think it’s a 140 or 180 and I just got in yesterday I as gunna put a 265gph pump it’s a little big for the section in the back so might have to move one of the sections in the back over a little bit to give enough flow for it New sand and the rock originally came with it
  13. Purple Tang Sold Sent from my cp3705A using Tapatalk
  14. Looking for Mp40 at reasonable price
  15. Is this still available?
  16. I'm going to start off by saying HI to a bunch of old friends from BAYOU reef club. I had the most pleasant experience with the club during 2017 MACNA and the membership extended a warm welcome to myself "Jim" club VP of "Orlando reed educators" and our now club president "Tucker" here in orlando while we volunteered for MANCA 2017. The experience and the people were outstanding and I could only hope to return the favor this year by extending a invitation to the club and its friends to help this year with MACNA ORLANDO. I'll be assisting as Volunteer coordinator for the show and would be honored to have anyone interested in getting involved with 2019 MACNA sign up with the following or ask me for additional information as needed. I'll try n check back often and add additional information as it becomes available and at the very least, I look forward to seeing everyone at the show this year!!!
  17. Does anyone have an account with this company or would be willing to open one up and would give a few polyps if these zoas for doing so
  18. Update Time! New Goodies are up! Whats on sale?
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  20. Congratulations to "Mike Scoots" for winning the ROWA Phos
  21. Brand new, never seen water 40x24x24. 3/4" low iron glass on all three sides, black silicone, euro braced in the bottom, would cost over $1200 to have another built, $750 or best offer.
  22. Don’t forget to check out our Sale & Clearance items containing over 120 products. Many are based on inventory, so make sure to take advantage now! [url=][/url]
  23. Vampires look sick. You avalible today sometime?
  24. Update Time! New Goodies are up! More prices slashed!
  25. Curious as to you t247 settings and par in tank
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