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  2. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Not sure yet. I'm open to suggestions. This is only a 30 gallon tank and I plan on attempting SPS with this build, so my fish choices are limited. I made a little bit of progress today thanks to the thanksgiving holiday. Will_D helped me with the door panels. Getting pumped up at the thought of my first reef tank in the house since the flood. Stand is still rough, but progress is progress...Tank will be going in my home office/man cave. 2017-11-24_07-14-34 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr 2017-11-24_07-15-12 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr
  3. The Black Friday sales are in full swing at Premium Aquatics so take advantage of our sitewide savings of 16% off *excludes MAP manufactures.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Black Friday's Top 10 Sellers So Far (updated 2:01 pm PST): Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer Aqua Medic Reefdoser EVO 4 Dosing Pump Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue Neptune Systems Apex Ecotech Marine Wireless Expansion Module (WXM) AquaMaxx FC-80 Protein Skimmer Neptune Systems Apex Jr w/ Display Module and Temperature Probe Bubble Magus Curve 7 Protein Skimmer CaribSea Life Rock - 20 lbs Maxspect XF230 Gyre Generator Flow Pump Neptune Systems APEX Bundle - Beginner
  6. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    I need dosing equipment or reactor
  7. Natural Reefkeeping

    Sweet tank! don't see many like this...I dig the sea apple also.
  8. Accidental frag of Palmer's Blue Milli

  9. Breaking down the 300

    Mp40s sold .
  10. Invariable, I always return to the bold color of the Yellow Tang and invariable I eliminate the use of decorative macro algae’s in my display. Considering that I operated a 10K gallon macro growout system in a 20’ by 40’ greenhouse, I like macro algae. I use it as a vegetable filter to feed my tanks but ornamental macros like Red Grapes and Dragon’s Tongue, Halymenia digitata, always have a place in my display tanks. Within the last ten days, I lost both established Tangs in my 75G Jaubert Plenum. Scopas Tang was killed by toxic reaction to ammonia, my bad. Three years ago, I retired a 150G tank which included Aquaclear 110. At that time, I cleaned out box interior, including sponge, I thought. To increase flow rate and provide for chemical filtration, if needed, I started up HOB. Within 60 seconds Scopas responded by erratic jerking and fast breathing. Within 10 minutes, Scopas was dead. No other fish or coral showed any negative response. Last night, Yellow Tang died with a belly full. So, I still like yellow. Perhaps Yellow Wrasse. lights just came on
  11. What is the gen 2 upgrades. .
  12. Black Friday! We skipped the random number picker today! Get 50% off Livestock! Use coupon "BFD" Also.... Get $20 off Ocean Revive led's! Use coupon "OR20" TODAY ONLY! Only at! (Black Frag days ends 11/30/17. Only ONE coupon per order. You must use the coupon at checkout to get the discount. We will not apply the coupon for you.)
  13. 24" 4 bulb T5 Lafayette

    Going to New Orleans Sunday passing through Baton Rouge .
  14. Grandis pallys for sale Lafayette

    Going to New Orleans Sunday I’ll be passing through Baton Rouge if any one would like to meet on the way .
  15. Last week
  16. Diy chaeto reactor

    Updates on this?
  17. WTS: 90 Gallon aquarium w/ goodies (Houma, LA)

    sent pm
  18. 10% OFF Neptune, Bubble King, GEO & more!

    Yowza, never new Bubble Kings went on sale.
  19. THE BEST YET ⚡ 10-25% off Neptune Systems ⚡ FREE Pump w/ ATO ⚡ 15-20% off Full View Tanks Black Friday Every Day: Deal #9 - Below MAP! ⚡ 10-25% off Neptune Systems ⚡ FREE Pump w/ ATO ⚡ 15-20% off Full View Tanks ⚡ 15% off Two Little Fishies
  20. Brs dual reactor Lafayette

    Sent you a pm .
  21. Reef rock 100 lbs & sand 160 lbs (Houma, LA)

    PRICE UPDATE: I'm willing to do $50.00 for the 160 lbs of sand which is 50% off price when the sand is available. We'll consider it an early Black Friday sale. And 100 lbs of rock for $100.
  22. Radion gen3 pro xr15

  23. 30 extra high turn key

    Price reduced to $100 Or any offers
  24. Ai prime hd with mount

    Ai prime hd with flex mount and original box used for a few months on my nuvo 10 sold the tank so no longer need..light is mint condition $200 for light with mount located in gulfport
  25. FS Sicce pumps and controller (lowered price)

    Still available.
  26. Hey guys. Looking to downsize my setup. Id like to trade my 75g drilled tank, stand, and canopy for a NON - drilled 40 breeder plus $100. The tank could use a reseal, but the stand and canopy alone are worth what Im asking. The stand can hold any tank with a 48x24 footprint. Its held a 125 just fine, its built like a brick... um... house. Yeah! I no longer have a truck so you'll have to come get it. Or, you could buy it all for $250. Please text me at 985-750-727eight
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