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  1. Today
  2. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    You must have gave your kids a nice chunk of change for a mother's day present. Glad you got it fixed without cutting the PVC.
  3. Yesterday
  4. 75 gal corner drilled tank with stand and canopy. I also have glass tops to the tank if you choose not to use the canopy. Sump can be included for an additional $50. $300 OBO. Located in New Orleans, LA
  5. Coral, Fish, and Tank Sale (Individual or Whole Setup)

    @Admins Please close...everything sold
  6. 300g dd 1,200$

    He's not active as much lately, so I'll help ya out. It's a Marineland 300 DD. Off top of my head dems are 72"'×36"×27".
  7. New seahorse keeper here!

    Here is the tank today. Lots of growth and adjustments.
  8. Last week
  9. Today we are taking a look at the Inland DB-100 ReefKeeper Saw w/Diamond Blade available at Premium Aquatics. This saw will help you step up your coral fragging game. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe. Inland ReefKeeper Diamond Blade Saw: Visit Premium Aquatics: [url=][/url] For a chance to win : 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our channel 3. Post a comment on our YouTube video page
  10. Zoas

    6/7p donnabella zoa $30 8+p pink minefield zoa $50 1p reverse space monster $80 1p+baby BSA Shock sticker zoa $200 3p with 2 babies TGC beauty and the Beast $350 5+ polyps blue lagoons $80 Needing some extra cash for my trip this upcoming week to Vietnam !!! .
  11. 90g Breakdown: Livestock for Sale

    Still have a few items left!!!
  12. FS Green Toadstool

    I have had this for a few years now. when i got it it may have been about 1/2" diameter. Now it is 8-10". Asking $150
  13. Selling my Yellow Tang and Watchman Goby. I have had these fish for a few years now. They are very healthy and never had any kind of disease. I'm selling because i am going to break down my tank and want them to go to a good home. $20 EACH.
  14. Eheim: TLF: Salifert: Reef Brite: Aqua Genesis: There are 83 products on Sale & Clearance. Be sure to jump on these deals before they are gone!
  15. FS: Return pumps and jebao powerhead

    Have a few different return pumps and a jebao powerhead for sale. All are around a year old except the mag drive 7 and are OBO.Sicce 3.0 714 gph $60 each, Have 2Mag drive 9.5 950 gph $60 each, have 2 Jebao pp-4 $35Mag drive 7 700 gph, have 2 they both may need a impeller or other part. Should be able to get one running and have the other for spare parts. $30 for the both of them together.
  16. 180 gallon reef ready tank SOLD

  17. ADA 60F or 8g tank

  18. JUST $39.99! Just listed up some Awesome Ultra Rock Flower Anemones! All for just $39.99 each! Check them out!
  19. Full View Aquariums: We Built 2 Nano Tanks -- WIN BOTH! Full View Aquariums: Win a Nano Reef or a Freshwater Planted Tank!
  20. RODI

    Does anyone have extra RODI refills they looking to get rid of this is my system trying to replace everything .
  21. Tunze Streams & Controllers

    Note: I am going out of town this weekend and returning Monday. Tuesday would be the earliest date I can ship anything. I am offering some discounts to anyone who purchases multiple items. Qty 1 of 6105 stream + 7095 controller $193.50 + $10 Shipping = $203.50That's a 10% discount on both items.Qty 1 of 6105 stream + 7096 controller $166.50 + $10 Shipping = $176.50That's a 10% discount on both items.*Qty 2 of 6105 stream + 7095 controller $272 + $15 Shipping = $287.00That's a 20% discount on all items.*Qty 2 of 6105 stream + 7096 controller $248 + $15 Shipping = $263.00That's a 20% discount on both items.*20% discount will apply to any combination of two or more pumps with a controller.
  22. 3 pack chunky acros

    Pending pick up
  23. Shutting down my tank

    Like the palys and pipe coral if there is a way we can meet up some how .
  24. For sale Oceanic 57g rimless, has a nice handbuilt and finished stand out of 2x4's, very overbuilt. Has a few light scratches from the previous owner, that you don't notice unless the algae builds up on them. Includes conduit light mount. Asking $275.
  25. AI: Kessil: MaxSpect:
  26. Large blue hippo Tang for sale.

    Fish is pending.
  27. Is it a Skimmer or Filter? It's BOTH! New blog posts! New products! Coming soon!
  28. 60 gallon cube for sale fully stocked $450

    Bump $450 need gone now
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