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No better way to spend your tax money! Full setup

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Hey everyone,

I have experienced a full tank crash, I put half the recommended dosage of coral colors and the entire system died. So I am selling my entire system that I just finished building.

Price will be $2500, non negotiable! And I cannot say that I will help with the move.

What you will get if you buy the system

220 marine land tank with black silicone

60x20x22 custom sump

RO DC 5500 return

RO DC 3500 for reactors

RO 3000sss Skimmer

RO Skimmer stand

RO 800w Titanium heater with Digital Controller

RO KS 100 (I think, its a kalwasser reactor)

RO BioChurn 170R (this is an extra freebee, retails over $500)

RO BR 140

RO WC-140 with auto shut off and delay timer

Red Metal stand all open

All Red PVC quick detach plumbing

Tunze 7096 controller

Tunze 6095 X2

Tunze 6100 x2

Tunze Osmulator 3155

Radion G2 x3 with both wide angle lense and the stock ones

Kessil 150 deep blue w/ gooseneck for frag area in sump

Kessil 150 magenta w/ gooseneck for macro algae area in sump

Marine magic dosing pump

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have about 4 more reactors, pounds of alk and calcium, pumps, salt, probably another $500 in chemicals and miscellaneous stuff. Whoever gets this tank will end up with enough to support and sustain the system for at least a year.

Give me a call if you are interested, five-o-four 7twentytwo 9 thousand six hundred twenty-four. Please only call if you are willing to buy the system for $2500 as I just spent 11k building this tank and anything lower would be an insult.

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Hit me up when you do La, might be able to get you started with some frags, don't have much but if I have something your interested in ill hook you up. Good luck with your new family and next tank.

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