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Christmas Party Raffle - Tickets and Donations

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Ok, here's what you've ALL been waiting for. We are going to be doing a big raffle for the Christmas party to raise funds for Scott (6lilfishes). I know that many of you want to contribute but can't come to the party so we are going to take remote payments for this raffle only.

Raffle tickets will be $1 each. If you want to buy tickets but cannot come to the event, send me a PM with your phone number and a good time to call you. I will take a credit card over the phone and provide your ticket numbers to you. The other option is to mail a check but I will not be able to give you tickets until I have the check in hand. Get with me very soon if you want to go this route.

If you just want to make a donation to Scott's cause, I can take a credit card over the phone or you can mail a check. Send me a PM and I will get with you to handle that transaction.

If you have something you want to donate to the raffle, please let me know and we will get it updated to the raffle list. If you cannot attend the Christmas party but still want to donate something, send me a PM and we will see what we can do to work that out. We have a vast network of people who travel around the state so we can likely get things from Point A to Point B rather easily.


Here is the prize list for the raffle as of 11/30/2015:

Current up to date raffle item list:

Synergy Reef Systems Acclimation Box

Reef Octopus NWB150 Protein Skimmer

Jaebo WP40 Pump

Air Water & Ice Typhoon RODI Unit

Four x's $25 AWI Gift Certificates

55 Gallon Tank w/Custom Made 3D Rock Background (donated by Jeff & Shanna)

Two frag Packs (donated by ihigh):

Frag Pack #1:

  • ORA Brett's Cap
  • ORA Purple Cap
  • Starburst Cap

Frag Pack #2:

  • Blueberry Miyagi Tort
  • ShawnBennet Yellow Tort
  • Westside Rainbow Tort

Zoanthids Frag Pack (donated by Comet):

  • Fruit loops
  • DC Vamp
  • Green Grandis
  • Rasta
  • Red hornets
  • CB rainbow infusion
  • My clementine
  • Rainbow


2 x's Rainbow RBTA.

Crabby Ron's has donated 2 x $50 Gift Certificates!

$50 Gift Certificate to Aquatic Specialties!

$50 Gift Certificate to Murfreesboro Aquatics!

Softy Frag Pack (donated by Stang66GT):

  • Encrusting Gorgonia colony
  • Sea fan frag
  • 2 x's multicolor zoanthid frags
  • Neon green Green Start Polyps frag

Fish Food Pack (donated by Stang66GT):

  • 8 oz LRS "Fish Frenzy"
  • 4 oz LRS "Reef Frenzy"
  • 3.5 oz Frozen Plankton
  • 125 g New Life Spectrum Thera +A 1mm pellets

Aqua Medic Kalk Stirrer (donated by 6lilfishes) with:

  • 2 CO trainers or kalk
  • 2 Gallons Magnesium for kalk



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Pm sent JT

For those of you guys who dont know Scott he is a selfless individual who is a great guy. This is a great cause to donate to or purchase tickets. If you cant go to the meet like mysel, atleast try and make a donation or purchase a few tickets.  Lets get it going guys!

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I sent an email to Greg. We'd like to help out as well.

I replied to it yesterday and also shared some of the amazing information with our members in the Christmas party topic! Thanks, Josh!!!

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