English Bull Terriers

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We lost both of our old dogs last summer, one to old age, the other to cancer.  The kids have been begging for a new dog, and, now even the wife is starting to want another dog.  We've always had dachshunds, but, she wants an English Bull Terrier (or even a mini) this time around.  Does anyone know of any reputable breeders in Southern LA or MS, anything within 2 hours driving time from me in Mandeville?

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Yeah. What he said. Nothing in LA. I have one and I drove 10 hours to get her north of Dallas. The closest I know of a breeder is in Houston. I have them on my Facebook. They post new litters every so often. Can't vouch for them regarding bloodline but the dogs look good. I will send you the link via Facebook.


My girl is going on 5 years old. Here in another year or so I will be getting a male from a breeder in Mexico. BEAUTIFUL dogs! Here are some pics from their dogs. The black one is jaw dropping.


And going to BT's is going to be night and day for you guys. I absolutely love the breed but they are Extremely high energy dogs. But I never stop laughing with mine.














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