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Hey guys, so I have some zoas that I am ready to frag. I'm located in New Orleans but can ship with USPS or FedEx if needed. PM me if you have questions or need pictures, I had trouble loading them. Thanks! 


- Cornbred Bowser paly $50pp

- WWC Stiggy Marleys $30pp

- Pink Hallucination $30 for 2 polyps

- Blondies $25 for 2 polyps

- KO Knockout palys $25 for 3 polyps (1st picture)

- Joker palys $20 for 3 polyps

- Sunny D's $20 for 3 polyps

- King Midas $20 for 4 polyps

- Cateyes $20 for 5 polyps (2nd picture)



KO Knockouts.jpg




WWC Twizzlers .jpg

CB Rainbow Infusion Paly.jpg

Blue Hornets Zoas.jpg

Gods of War Palys.jpeg


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Also, I'm willing to work out a deal with anyone that is interested in buying a zoa pack. I have additional zoas that i didn't list for now that could be added to these packs. PM me if interested!

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