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Mated Pair of Maroon Gold Striped Clownfish

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Looking to sell/trade my pair. My asking price is $200, as they have actually spawned before, or I would be open to trades of equal value. They are gorgeous and very hardy fish, but they've become too aggressive for all my other reef dwellers. It's getting time for her to spawn again, and she's digging holes in my sand bed, and after a week of trying to get an anemone to attach for them to host, I had to get rid of it. It was bulldozing through my tank at night(it got my fang blenny😭), bc they wouldn't leave it be long enough for its foot to attach. So, now, my gorgeous Duncan polyp, with 40+ heads, is their newest interest to host in... not going to happen! I've considered chunking big momma in my sump, she's bitten me so many times🤔 🙈 lol


I'm sure someone that's interested/familiar with raising babies would enjoy these two. Me, not so much. 🤷14887ee6f030c076c04b8d746adce0a5.jpg




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