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Greetings. My tank is doing well with all parameters where I want them. I have a Frogspawn and Hammer in close proximity (touching). The Frogspawn is growing and looking good but the Hammer has been showing signs of wilting away. It is getting smaller and looking weak. They are literally in the same flow and light location and everything else looks normal. Any suggestions? I can add a picture later, when I get home.


120G Reef Tank (6'x1.5'x2')

PH - 8.2

Alk - 8.8

CA - 392

Temp - 78

Salinity - 1.026

Ammonia / Nitrate - 0.0

PO4 - 0.0

Mg - 1400


Thanks for the advice.

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I was always under the impression that hammers and frogspawn got along. I keep my torches on the other end of the tank. I plan to separate the hammer and frogspawn but would like to hear thoughts of other people that have had this issue.


Also, it started deteriorating on the opposite side of where it was touching. Just FYI.

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