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I finally have my first reef running like I want.   I’m considering this the official start because I had to take everything out and reseal the tank. While I had it out in the garage I decided to leave the sand out and black out the back and part of each side to match the overflow weir. I got the tank second hand already running and the water parameters were in bad shape.  I now have the parameters in check but have to get hair algae under control. I am running a 6 bulb t5 fixture. 

May current stock in the tank is as follows:



-ocellaris clown

-Bangai cardinal

-pinkbar goby

-arc eye hawkfish 

-skunk cleaner shrimp



-Indo  blue disco mushroom

-neon green rhodactis mushroom

-sunny d zoas

-arctic ice zoas

-candy cane coral

-pulsing Xenia 

- green star polyp


I’ve been thinking about a tuxedo urchin and some more hermits for additional cuc. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations for my next additions for fish and corals




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Coming along nicely! Welcome to the party! :welcomewave: I did it and plenty other newbies did as well, but I'd recommend staying away from tangs in a 75g. Yes it can be done, but these guys are pigs. And the last thing they care about is your coral! Ive had them root and wiggle their way into sps pieces to sleep for the night and they would break branches off doing so!!! Plus, they might start off as model citizens, but eventually they will turn A-Hole towards other fish... Even if they are bought small, they will soon grow and that just puts extra load on the tank. I say pick up a few smaller fish to take the place of a tang cause you get more enjoyment from them, the tank runs better, and you don't have to catch the sucker when you have finally had enough!!! :nono:


A few smaller fish that have lots of personality and are a hoot to watch are the Yellow Assessor (basslet), Lawnmower Blenny, Starry Blenny, and the Tail-spot Blenny. The yellow assessor swims around like he's been on Bourbon St. a little too long! They don't swim around upright like normal fish. Instead, they swim upside down, side-ways, crooked, and NAUGHTY WORD-eyed! :rollingyellow:They like to hang around caves, under overhangs, and any other shady spots in the reef tank. They are def a cool fish to add to any reef tank. 

The Blennies are all cool to have as well. The lawnmower blenny is a neat fish and will head bang your rockwork feeding on algae. I had one that would follow me around like a puppy dog. The starry blenny is like the Lawnmower, but the colors are what makes this fish so neat. The name says it all...

And finally, the Tail-spot Blenny is smaller than the other two listed, but he never got the message... :lol: This is a scrappy lil' fish and is hilarious to watch in the tank. Mine is a Dare Devil. He likes to cheat death daily whenever the powerheads turn off for feedings. He will swim inside of them and dart out to swipe a bite and then back into it again. Somehow this guy knows when the powerheads are fixing to come back on and he will go back to hanging out inside of some Turbinaria scroll coral or Capricornious coral in the tank. 


Also, I'd recommend staying away from any Psuedochromis and Dottybacks. This little slanted-eyed fish are pure evil and will wreak havoc on your tank! 

Of course this all in my opinion, and others may have had better luck with some of the ones I've ousted. That's what makes this hobby so fun!!! Good luck! 

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