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Reef 112 Complete System $2500 OBO

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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!


Miss Kaley, the young lady that was battling leukemia for whom we installed a reef system back in 2015 has since triumphed in her fight and moved on to more typical teenage girl concerns. The system was picked up in Pineville today and is now in New Orleans. Anyone interested is welcome  to drop by and have a look at it. I'm tempted to keep it myself since the dimensions are perfect for a coral farm, but I just don't have the space.


Here she is quite excited on the day the system installation was completed . . .



Equipment List . . .


Glass aquarium, 48"x 24"x 20", center external overflow w/ drain lines, jump screen

Approximately 60 lbs. Marco Rocks reef rock

Acrylic sump with top-off and water change reservoirs 

Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer 

Neptune Systems Apex Classic w/ display 

Neptune Systems DOS 

Neptune Systems auto-feeder 

Kessil A160WE Series LED Pendant (2) 

Kessil mounting arms, control wires 

SpectraPure RO/DI system, 90 GPD w/ NEMA IV outdoor housing

Test kits 

Tunze NanoStream 6045 internal pump (2) 

Sicce return pump

Algae Free cleaning magnet





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