Kirk’s 350-ish build

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I know the cardboard box ends are still on the sump to keep from scratching it while working on stuff  but damn man you killing me! Lmao 
Squirrel!!!!! Haha
Looking good! I ordered a new bulb for my UV and plan on cleaning the quartz sleeve when I change it out.. I have not opened it in months, so not sure how bad it's going to be... 

Yeah, I had to soak mine in muriatic acid and water for a few HOURS the calcium was so thick.

I left the cardboard on since it makes sliding the sump in and out easier (and keeps me from scratching up both the stand and the sump) while I am working down there in the stand on the plumbing. Now that it’s done, I’ll remove it.

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Finished the plumbing manifold, now I need to go get some hose clamps :)


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