Frag Tank Photos, I have awakened!

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Hello BRK


Getting close to getting water back into my 400 show tank.   The past 4 years I've just had a 60 Gallon shallow frag tank while collecting some real nice gems at events like Fragniappe and MACNA's


My photo capabilities are restricted to an I-Phone so don't critique the photo quality to hard.  



Zoas (3).jpg

Acsn 3 (2).jpg

Micro (2).jpg

Rainbow Acan 2 (2).jpg

Grandis (3).jpg

Rings of Fire (2).jpg


Tank (2).jpg

Acan Frags (2).jpg

Acan Frag (2).jpg

Acan 1 (2).jpg

Bam Bam Zoas (2).jpg

Chalice (2).jpg

Hammer (2).jpg

Mushroom (2).jpg

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