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Hi Everyone, 


Since I will be starting medical school next year (and moving), I have decided to break down the smaller of my two tanks. I am selling off all of the livestock. All of these corals are from an established tank (~3 years old). No known pests in the tank besides the usual bits of hair algae.



Included iPhone pictures. Can provide more detailed pictures upon request. 


Prices listed OBO 

Located in Baton Rouge. 
Not wanting to fool with shipping, willing to travel within reason to meet. 


PM for details 



1) Zoa Rock ( 150+ polys Fire and Ice and 6 polys Eagle eyes) $120



2) Mixed rock: sold 



3) Single Large orange ricordea yuma: sold 




4) orange ricordea yuma rock (15+ small mushrooms): sold 




5) Blue mushroom (1 big, 1 small): $20 



6) orange yuma rock (1 extra large shroom, 4+ smaller shrooms): sold 



7) Gorgonian Rock (4 branches of one species, 1 branch of corky sea finger) $ 35




8  Frag of photosynthetic Gorgonian: $15 



9) Purple Mushroom rock (~9 purple mushrooms with blue spots): $35




10) Single small orange yuma: sold 
















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