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Welcome to Bayou Reefkeeping!

We are a Louisiana based reef club dedicated to the marine and reef hobbyist in the Gulf Coast region and surrounding areas. Like you, we are a group of hobbyists that share in your enthusiasm and desire to learn how to better care for our tank inhabitants. Bayou Reefkeeping is open to anyone interested in learning more about the hobby, whether you are a novice or expert in reefkeeping. It is your questions, advice, and participation that help define Bayou Reefkeeping and build an informational community. All we ask is that members actively participate in discussions, respect one another, and have fun!


Welcome Crabby Ron's, New Premium Sponsor!

Yesterday, 07:07 PM

Posted by Reef_Tank_Greg in News and Announcements

Crabby Ron's is the latest Premium Sponsor of Bayou Reefkeeping! We had lots of fun with their crew at Fragniappe and are thrilled to have them involved with our club! Please join us in welcoming Crabby Ron's to Bayou Reefkeeping!!!






106-C Barriere Rd
Belle Chasse, Louisiana

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Welcome, Eric aka ericd000! New Staff Member!

Yesterday, 08:14 AM

Posted by Reef_Tank_Greg in News and Announcements

Join us in welcoming Eric (ericd000) to our staff! He will be assisting me with IT needs for the club as well as assisting the rest of the staff with keeping BRK going in overdrive! Eric has been a hard core hobbyist for quite some time now and is very active within our club. Whether it's a monthly event or helping a member with a tank move, chances are you will see him there. His staff bio is below.




Welcome, Eric!!!




Eric Owens (ericd000)
My name’s Eric and while I’m not a Louisiana native, I’ve lived here for over 11 years now so I claim the Baton Rouge as home now. 
I have only been involved with marine/reef aquariums since mid-2009 and in that time, I’ve had two tanks, with a third now in the works.   Growing up, I had freshwater tanks for most of my adolescent life, keeping basic fish, but always loved the look of saltwater aquariums. 
I inherited a 12 gallon JBJ nanocube from a friend that was moving to Texas and didn’t want to take her tank.  I got the nano, one clownfish, a torch coral with two heads, and some rock in the summer of ’09, and loved getting home from work and looking into the tank to see how my little piece of the ocean was doing.   I can now blame her for my addiction…
Fast forward a couple of months, and while researching the issues I ran into maintaining the nano led me to upgrade to a 120 gallon setup I purchased used from a LFS.  I was so anxious to get that new, (to me) bigger tank up and running that I rushed some things in the setup and ended up losing my early fish to having used GE II in building my first sump.  After about a month and a half, I replaced the sump with one that used the correct silicone and from there the 120 took off and mostly thrived until I moved to a new house in 2012.  It did have its up and downs but as I got more experience and leaned on the experiences of others in the local and national saltwater communities, I got better with maintaining and keeping my little piece of the reef going. 
As mentioned, in August 2012, I purchased a new home in south Baton Rouge specifically with the intention of converting one of the bedrooms into a fish room with a viewing pane into the living room.   With Greg’s help we packed up the 120 and moved it to the new place.  Greg stayed late into the evening and helped me get everything in the tank and count the casualties.  That was a little disheartening, but I resolved to solider on with the hobby.  After the move the 120 just never was the same.  I had my first really painful coral die off in the first couple of months following the move and lost all my clams.  I still kept it going though, as I’m not one to give up quickly or easily. 
In mid-2013 I got a deal on a Marineland 300 deep dimension tank and this began the upgrade build.  As of the date of writing this (5/27/2015) that build is still in progress.  However I am getting pretty close to getting water in it.  Hoping to see water in it by 7/31/15!
I love this hobby and with my busy work schedule, the time I spend working on the tank is therapeutic for me.  Being able to watch fish and coral grow is pretty much the most awesome part of the hobby for me.  Here’s to many more years of happy reefing!

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Welcome, Nola Aquatics, New Premium Sponsor!

22 May 2015

Posted by Reef_Tank_Greg in News and Announcements

The northshore has a new LFS, Nola Aquatics! They have also sponsored Bayou Reefkeeping already! Please join us in welcoming Nola Aquatics to the club and wish them luck with their new business!






(504) 352-0459


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Congrats to Smtwinn, May POTM winner

16 May 2015

Posted by Will_D in Photography

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Welcome, Jeff aka jawalker85! New Staff Member!

29 Apr 2015

Posted by Reef_Tank_Greg in News and Announcements

Please join us in welcoming Jeff (jawalker85) to our staff! Over the past year and a half, he has worked tirelessly to assist our club and has very active within our community. Always willing to lend a helping hand to fellow hobbyists and staff as well. His staff bio is below.




Welcome, Jeff!!!!!!




Jeff Walker (jawalker85)
I was born and raised on the Bestbank of New Orleans. Covered in mosquito and ant bites, in the summer I would spend hours upon hours bass fishing in the neighborhood canals. In the winter months, I could be found freezing my butt off 20 feet up in a tree, deer hunting with my grandpa. I seemed to always have a connection with nature and the outdoors.

My first aquarium memory is my dad's 55 gallon cichlid tank. I spent night after night sitting up on a bar stool staring at it, watching the fish swim around and interact. Flash forward a few years, and I had multiple tanks of my own, cichlid tanks, native Louisiana tanks, turtles, and anything else I could catch with a scoop net from the ditch behind my house.

I was first introduced to saltwater by my cousin. He called me up one day and told me he wanted to set up a saltwater tank. Of course the first thing out of my mouth was, "Dude, it's so expensive and hard to keep up with". But the very next day we were both in Petco, checking out with two 55 gallon tanks and not a clue what we were doing. I started out with crap equipment and rock work that looked something like Stonehenge. I quickly got tired of that tank and bought a 40 Breeder tank from a guy on one of the local forums. Being the impulse buyer I am, I shortly after bought a 110 tall. Within a few short months I realized my T-Rex arms weren't conducive to running a tall tank. I then set up what I thought was my dream tank, a 40 breeder with all the bells and whistles.

In October of 2014, we put our house up for sale and moved to the Ponchatoula. I wasn't able to move the tank with me, so I had to leave it setup in my house until it was sold. One day, a mean cold front came through and dropped the temperature to 44 degrees in the house. Needless to say the tank was an ice cube when i got to it. Everything was DOA.

That tank crash got me pretty bummed out and i wasn't interested in it anymore. But I continued to volunteer for Fragniappe and other meets around the area. Sitting at dinner the night of Fragniappe I decided to go home and give it a go again. I'm currently running a small 8 gallon nano. My wife and I are building a house that should be finished in a few months. I then plan to build a larger "dream tank"

I look forward to watching the hobby grow and the friendships that come with it.

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