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    My name's Jordan and I've been in and out of the hobby for about five years. I have an 18 gallon reef that's been going for about three months now. I'm looking forward to making trades and getting advice from everyone!!
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    The media ignores Paul because they know he is dangerous to them and they have already picked Romney for us
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    For whatever reasons, Paul is jsut not taken seriously by the mainstream. He certainly has his niche of dedicated supporters. As someone who doesn't vote along party lines, he has been an appealing candidate to me on a few occasions now. Hoever, at the end of the day, I would not vote for him. Not because he doesn't have a chance. Not because I feel like it's throwing away my vote. Why? Because overall he is very poor in public forums when it comes to getting his points and thoughts across. For every great thing he says, he has comments or sessions of attempted explanations that leave you head scratching. He minces words far too often. He is also a polar opposite of just about everyone he works with. How is that even possible? Those qualities in general worry me. But for you, Coffey, I submit this.
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    I am sure everyone goes with white for the natural look.
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    I like the white sand look also.....We are setting up our 135g and will be using that. I also wondered about black sand, but the white is so pretty.
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    Yep. That hanna checker is the one that I have too. Used it for years without any problems.
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    I just fend off fish with feeding tweezers like a true muskateer.
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    Heres whatcha do, depending on the size, get a 2 liter bottle cut in half or gallon milk jug. Use the stop portion and place it over your colony (works with LPS to!) and use your food administering device (turkey baseter) to put food in it. The fishies wont bother it. Works great especially if its on the sand bed.
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    Okay, first off I don't have time to read through all of this right now, but wanted to point out this is a very important subject to me. Did you know that people with higher IQs are more likely to use mind altering drugs than others? I'll have to find the science article discussing the idea behind that. welfare...well I'll get to that later. lol
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    I agree that a thug is a thug, but think of how many fewer kids would be exposed to that lifestyle if the drug dealers werent there and more people were working citizens and population of the projects were lower
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    Well, there are "legal" drugs.. Go to a pain clinic complain and bazinga, you have your opium base narcotic. Legal b/c its your script amd when there isnt any money, Ill be there to spot you $20 bucks for your 240g reef setup .. Lol :-)
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    1st step is admittance. Atta' boy, Greg!!
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    Never taken a Tylenol or Advil? People think because those are legal that they aren't drugs but they are. Hell, so is caffeine and most of the world starts its day with it. The problem is people associate a negative connotation with the word drugs and immediately assume them to be bad or harmful to society without having done any research on their own. Th funniest thing to me is how everyone knocks weed cause it's a "gateway drug" when in reality Alcohol or Nicotine are the real gateway drugs. In any event, you can have tried drugs and still have an opinion on whether or not they should be legalized/taxed. Anyone who says you are just saying that because you do xyz is falling into a fallacy of debate. I don't do Heroin, never have, never will but I should be able to do it if I want to. My favorite is when people like to call Ron Paul on that, "Are you saying you would legalize heroin?" He responds with, "I want to legalize freedom."
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    But you didn't say "params" specifically....hehehe!
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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
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    I make a folder to put them all in, I then go through that folder and pick out which pics are worth keeping and process those. As I process/convert them to jpeg I save them and named them with the date and description of what's in the pic, at this time I'll also resize and save pics I plan to post online in a folder on my desktop which is deleted when they are uploaded to photobucket.. For my tank pics I have a main "Aquarium" folder, with subfolders for : FTS, Coral, Fish, and Equipment, if a pic doesn't fit in one of those folders it stays in the main folder, or if I have several pics of something I want together I'll create a new folder. Definitely not the best system but it works for me.
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    Welcome, Jordan! Great to have you! This is the most awesome board! Full of great people and great advice!
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    Greg wasn't being rude but this post I find rather offensive, and childish. We didn't make you donate to the board, don't try to use that as a power against us. We'll happily refund your money in order to combat dealing with posts like this. I think everyone on the board will agree that Greg is about one of the nicest and friendliest people here.