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    After nearly a year of getting back into keeping a marine tank again and no sign of stopping I'm thinking more strongly about changing my lighting. In all honesty when I started this 65 gallon it was a very piecemeal project with the budget pretty low. I bought these two Ecoxotic Tricolor bulbs but decided I needed a third bulb and instead of matching a third like I wanted, a friend offered me a 10k PAR38 bulb which filled the void and blended reasonably well. Now I'd just like a more homogenized color throughout the tank so I'm offering up the two Tricolors. They've produced excellent growth from everything I've put under them to date, which now includes everything from some SPS, Zoanthids/Palythoas/Riccordia, tons of photosynthetic Gorgonians, and 7 species of macro algae. New they run $114 plus shipping, I'd sell them for $100 each. I'll even deliver them if sold together within a reasonable distance of New Orleans (or I can ship). These would light up any cube retrofits you have up to around a 40 breeder (if the periphery doesn't need very bright lights). They run only 18 watts each. I'd ideally like an AI Sol as I've heard them likened to the Honda of LED fixtures and that's all I really need right now, so if you'd like to do a partial trade I'd be interested in that for sure.