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    You'll need to start paying to use their service if you go beyond a certain tier of use...from $40-400 per year. http://www.pcmag.com/news/354711/photobucket-breaks-image-links-across-the-internet
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    Walt Disney and Nicks Purple passion. Wysiwyg. 300 for both.
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    Hi, my names Randy. Getting back into salt water reefs. I've been away from the hobby since Katrina took out a nice reef tank tank of soft and hard corals. I didn't want to start over after Katrina after all the time in money I put into that tank. Then recently my wife was given a beta fish by her students. She came home with a goldfish bowl with the beta. After a few days of feeling sorry for the beta she decided to get a 12 gallon for the beta. Unfortunately the beta died after 3 weeks. I asked if I can do something with the tank. So about $400 later I have a nice nano tank with great lighting that has had zero issues. Looking to start adding some small coral soon and take some pics
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    Definitely have the flow covered. It could be the footprint of the DD stressing it. Eta: I'm still in the process of getting the 96"x30x30 and I've debated a Clown or Sohal but am thinking the tank is borderline being large enough. Would really feel more comfortable with a 10' tank for either fish.
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    They're a difficult fish to keep in most systems. They really need a large tank with high flow and with elevated 02 levels. They tend to wither away if all three aren't met.