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    No ken, not for quite some time now. I will one day again maybe, once the kids are grown a bit more. But it is way to the back burner for now.
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    Okay, we might finally be getting somewhere. I just tested my tank and alk was back up to 5.8. I added 110 ml of alk per BRS calculator, so we'll see where we are tomorrow. I mixed up about 25 gallons of saltwater yesterday that I'm going to test tomorrow. 25 gallons is about all my brute can hold. My total tank volume is about 45 gallons, so it's looking like I'll be doing about a 50% water change this weekend if I cant get my levels lined out by the end of the week. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    No offense taken Ken. I might actually try that next. I forgot to mention I did a 50% water change a while back thinking it might help, but it didn't. I tested at lunch again today. My alk was at 4.9 dkh. I dosed 160ml of alk per BRS calculator for a goal of 7.5dkh. Crazy, I'm on day 3 of only dosing alkalinity and my level just keeps dropping the more I dose. LOL! Something's going to give here soon...haha. Maybe my alk has to hit zero and start counting backward before it gets right. 😂