• Livestock & Equipment Market Forum rules:

    Bayou Reefkeeping encourages the trading and selling of personal tank grown livestock and used goods amongst its hobbyist members. We consider these hobbyist-to-hobbyist transactions a benefit to all involved.

    That being said, our buying and selling forums are for use by our active, non-vendor membership only. They are not intended to be used as a commercial outlet. The staff of Bayou Reefkeeping is the sole determiner of whether you are considered a commercial seller. Being considered a commercial entity does not imply that you own a traditional brick and mortar store, or an online business. Your actions do. If you are motivated by profit only, possess a large inventory, have a constant supply of particular items, are buying items from other members and are then reselling them soon after (often for a profit), are running a large scale propagation/breeding system for the sole purpose of grow out and sale of coral fragments or fish, you will be considered a commercial entity, and will be treated as such. Though not 100% feasible to define what is commercial selling in every situation, Bayou Reefkeeping reserves the right to determine whether or not you are in violation of the aforementioned commercial entity policy, and as such, can dismiss a user at will from our forum for said violation.


    Selling is a benefit provided to members who contribute to our community by participating in conversations in the general forums. If you choose to use our Market Forums on a regular basis as a means to offer items to the community, then you must be an active member in the general forums as well. New members are of course welcome to sell a minimalamount before becoming involved in the forums.

    Livestock items will be posted in the Livestock market forum ONLY, and equipment and dry goods will be posted in the Equipment market forum ONLY. Not adhering to this will result in your posts being deleted.

    • You are expected to place a FIRM asking price for EVERY item listed in your thread. Threads without a listed price, auctions [public or “silent” via the private message system], "gauging interest", "selling for a friend", and "best-offer" threads are not allowed.
    • Links to Ebay and other selling sites/threads are not permitted.
    • Photos are encouraged in FOR SALE postings, but, posting links to photo sharing websites is not permitted. If you choose to include photographs you must include the picture in the thread, via the use of the IMG tag system used by our forum software. In other words, the picture itself must appear in the posting, and NOT just a hyperlink text.
    • If you are manufacturing items for resale, you are not permitted to offer them for sale in our hobbyist sale forums.
    • Items you have personally gone and collected from the ocean with the implicit or explicit purpose of reselling them are not permitted to be sold here. This applies to any item that is being collected for the purpose of reselling (peppermint shrimp,mangroves, snails, hermits, etc.)
    • There is a time limitation on for sale threads. We do NOT allow sales to run perpetually nor do we allow waiting lists. Once an item has been sold, the user who posted it for sale is obligated to post as such in his thread so it can be closed. Sale threads that reach 60 days in age will be removed automatically.
    • Payment information must be worked out in private.

    If your selling practices violate any of the above or cross into commercial from hobbyist, then you will contacted by staff and asked to cease and desist all sales on Bayou Reefkeeping.


    It is up to you, the buyer, to research whether what you are purchasing is compatible with your purpose or system, and to verify the reputation of the seller. Bayou Reefkeeping will not assume any responsibility for or get involved with any disputes between a buyer and seller. If you decide to use Bayou Reefkeeping's FOR SALE forums, you agree to hold harmless Bayou Reefkeeping if any negative consequences from doing so result.

    The selling threads are not to be used for feedback or identification. No personal information, addresses, phone numbers, or any other identifying information is to be posted to identify a buyer or seller, regardless of if a transaction went poorly or not. Comments with regards to the transaction or failure thereof cannot be posted in the sale threads. This should be directed into the Buyer & Seller Feedback forum.

    Comments on the condition of the equipment, condition of the livestock, positive or negative comments on the seller’s asking price, comments sarcastically wishing luck to the seller, and comments criticizing the seller or seller’s items are not permitted and will be removed without notice. Repeated violations of this rule will result in your account being suspended.

    Any messages posted into a sale thread by anyone other than the seller should be ONLY a statement that the potential buyer wishes to make a purchase. All other comments should be made to the seller via private message system.