• Maximizing Your Sponsorship

    So you’re a sponsor of Bayou Reefkeeping and wondering how to maximize the benefits of your sponsorship. Well, the most effective way is to truly embrace the Bayou Reefkeeping community by becoming an active member of the club.

    Bayou Reefkeeping is a very active social organization. Via this website we discuss our passion for the hobby and share our experiences. Whether it is in regards to our tanks, vendors we’ve purchased from, etc. We also have events all the time and get to know one another on a personal basis. We form family bonds and we talk about those who take care of our reefkeeping family. Everyone knows who supports our club and makes it what it is today.

    To maximize your sponsorship, it takes more than just making a yearly sponsorship payment. Our members need to know who you are and what your business is about. Going the extra mile by being active within our club will get your business recognized and earn loyalty from our reefkeeping community.

    Here are some key ways in which you can maximize your sponsorship:

    • Be Heard
      • Browse the forums from time to time and offer useful information on a topic when you are able to do so. Provide advice and answer questions or simply chime in with your thoughts on something. Do it in a way that excludes promoting your business or selling products.
      • When a Bayou Reefkeeping member patronizes your business, recognize them with a simple thank you. Follow up with them after the purchase. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their business. Great customer service goes a long way and other members will quickly hear about such treatment.
      • Our club events are always open to sponsor participation. We encourage sponsors to send speakers to an event and are happy to assist if needed with choosing a topic of discussion. This is a great way for you to showcase your business to our club.
    • Be Seen
      • We have hundreds of visitors to our site on a daily basis. As part of your sponsorship, you are able to display banner ads throughout our website. Not only on the main page, but on every page there is content. Create a variety of banner graphics for your business to use throughout the site. These advertisements are highly visible so use them to your advantage. We’re happy to assist with making banner ads if needed.
      • Offer discounts that we can print out and make available to members at our events. We’ll set them on the signup table where everyone initially checks in.
      • If you are a premium sponsor, then create a 8x10 advertisement and send it to us. As part of your premium sponsorship, we will display this ad in a frame on the signup table at events.
      • Also for premium sponsors, utilize your sponsor forum regularly. Let everyone know about your sales, what you have in stock, etc. Share your monthly newsletter if you have one. Offer exclusive sales to our members to really get some extra attention.
    • Pay it Forward
      • You’re probably thinking “but I already pay my sponsor fees”. However, one of the most effective ways for you to positively promote your business is by donating things to the club. We regularly have door prizes and raffles at our events. We always recognize sponsors who donate by informing everyone who donated what. We do this not only at the event, but in the event’s forum topic as well. When making donations, consider a variety of items over time. Physical items are obviously great for raffles. Things like gift certificates are great too though and they encourage members to directly patronize your business. Sponsors are in no way required to make donations. This is a great way for our members to see that your business is going the extra mile to support our club.
      • Offer special group buys to our club. Allow our members to utilize power in numbers by getting discounts for large bulk purchases as a group. You’ll likely bring in new customers in the process by attracting purchases from members who otherwise may not have ordered from you just yet. Show them a good buying experience via the group buy and earn new customers long-term. You decide the terms of the group buy process with consideration to what works best for you. Once again, access to group buys is not required of sponsors. This is simply another method to build your customer base should you choose to use it.
      • Choose an event to support. We strive to educate our members by conducting workshops and bringing in guest speakers. These things are costly and assistance is appreciated. Bring your business to the forefront.


    Ultimately you’re part of our reefkeeping family too! Enjoy Bayou Reefkeeping with everyone here.

    Get to know us and we’ll get to know you too by doing business with you!