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  1. Yeah I've got some , I'm in Ponchatoula ... there are usually pods in it . PM me your number .
  2. Hi , my controller for my Aqua Illumination Sol , fell in the sump when the velcro failed . If anyone has a controller available for sale I would appreciate it . Thanks
  3. should not be an issue at all . just wash it good to get the detritus / nitrates out of it.
  4. Yeah , Sorry about your finger Jordan ... but I gotta admit I started laughing when I saw your title " Frickin Mantis" I immediately thought of this video and couldn't stop laughing ... by the way it's not the first time you've posted pics of your bloody fingers from that mantis ... get some gloves!
  5. Hi Kids, time to trim back my " branching GSP" ...as you can see in the FTS it will encrust as normal GSP does but when given the opportunity it will branch out in search of light giving a cool effect ...but also starving my other corals of light in my tiny tank (40B) . I also have free Chaeto if anyone needs some . Local pick up please unless you want to make a trade or pay for shipping .
  6. sawwweeet! mix of colors is awesome ... nice job!
  7. Quick Joe ... let's frag as many colonies as we can and store them in MY tank ... kinda like an insurance policy for tank crashes!
  8. I use Red Sea Pro , BUT ... the original question is which one is best , I don't have an answer for that since I have not used them all ... RSP works for me though so I see no reason to change. "Your mileage may vary"
  9. As it looked today before evicting one of the nems ...there are 3 in the pic and they are huge ... gave one to a friend today. I relandscaped to give me some room on the left side of the tank for some frags ... if I put them anywhere close to the nems the clown will trash them .
  10. Howdy neighbor ...I'm just south of you a few miles ... Lee's landing area . Rich
  11. I can't tell by the pic but I used to have a tank that had spaghetti worms in it ... kinda sounds like what you might have there .
  12. That is a bitchin ' little setup ...do you need chaeto for the fuge?