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  1. Selling a Lightly Use Kessil a150w Ocean Blue Comes With Box PowerSupply No Gooseneck. $150 Shipped. Ill Get Pictures Up In a Little while. Thanks.
  2. Prozack199

    LF: Apex jr

    looking for a apex jr if someone got one up for grabs. thanks.
  3. Like the title selling a hob skimmer still looks and works great get pictures up later. Are can send to phone. $150 Thanks.
  4. Prozack199

    LF: zoas

    aint got a whole lot to trade for at the moment. trying to stock in the mean time.
  5. Prozack199

    LF: zoas

    Like the title says looking for some zoas around the houma area. Thanks.
  6. No wish I could make it tho.
  7. Prozack199

    LF: slimer

    If anyone got a green slimer acro frags or such and wanna sell let me kno. Thanks
  8. for your tank im guessing? if so thats something you can do yourself just need a couple things. but if your finger nail catches the scratch it prolly wont come out.