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  1. i have a few different leather corals i can trade for daisy polyps
  2. Nice I'm not on any social media. I might get on facebook just for the coral! thanks
  3. looking for bounce mushrooms, kryptonite, deadpool , jawbreaker, etc. I have tried online but have had nightmare shipping issues.
  4. I'll take 3. Let me know if you're coming through boutte area or can meet me halfway .
  5. What color/type mushrooms do you have? You can text pics to 615-715-1741 .
  6. I had some really bad luck with shipping and I'm almost never home in the morning except on Sundays. thanks though!
  7. How often do you come near Baton Rouge or New Orleans ? What color is it? How many heads and how much? .
  8. looking for hammer, torch or frogspawn heads
  9. Mine growing like a weed. I've had to trim and toss out. if you ever near Boutte area (or anyone else) I can cut you a huge frag for free
  10. I'll take a rbta. Can't get till Monday if that works
  11. Will take sun coral and pocillopora for $25 all I'll take the other 3 for $10 if still available too.
  12. Hey are you coming through Baton Rouge down to New Orleans anytime soon? Let me know
  13. Yeah I haven't seen an asterina in 2 days. I was taking out 5-10 a day. Can I just put a small cc star in the tank or will it start eating my corals?
  14. once asterina are eradicated are you feeding chocolate chip stars?
  15. Rdsrocket

    feeding zoas

    I'm new to the hobby and have a bunch of different zoas. I've asked several people and received several different opinions. Do zoas need supplemental feeding? They seem to be doing relatively well (except the one the asterina attacked) with T5 lighting and moderate flow. What are thoughts behind Coral Frenzy, Cyclop-eeze and reef-roids? Anything else people have experience with particularly for zoanthid growth.