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  1. This week our company turned five years old and we are really excited about how this video turned out. In 24 hours it has already been viewed 20,000 times on Facebook and Youtube! If you've bought a pack of LRS "Frenzy" foods within the last three years this video introduces you to the lovely lady who oversees production to bring you the freshest food in the hobby. Many thanks to Mark Callahan for the great video giving you a behind the scenes look at LRS Foods. We appreciate all our fans, friends, and consumers who have supported us over the last five years. Be sure to click the gear icon and select HD. Learn more at
  2. Over the last five years LRS has expanded our food offerings to include distributing premium foods which we feel can help hobbyists improve the health and vigor of their aquarium inhabitants. We have become a one-stop-fish-food-shop for our 450+ retail dealers. In addition to LRS "Frenzy" foods our dealers can order products from PE Mysis, Reef Nutrition, Coral Frenzy and now the Masstick food from Easyreef. With our easy online ordering, friendly customer service, and bundled shipping retailers are joining the LRS network as fast as we can answer emails. I posted this video this morning on my Facebook page and by Noon we had sold out of our initial stocking order. We have more arriving later this week and we feel this is going to be a game changer when it comes to getting finicky fish eating faster. Imagine the possibilities of mixing Masstick with thawed LRS, PE Mysis, Calanus, fish eggs, blackworms, etc. Website: http://www.easyreefs...asstick_en.html Check out the video below and look up Easyreefs on Facebook to learn more: Visit: to learn more about all the products we offer to feed your reef!
  3. Over the past five years while growing our business I have had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds in the aquarium hobby. I’ve spoken with the brightest minds working in the field of marine aquaculture and also visited folks like Bill Wann who built a 20,000 gallon reef aquarium in his home. Being able to network with so many talented people gave me an idea to start a podcast so we could produce engaging and informative content for our listeners. One idea is to announce the speaker and use resources like Facebook and forums so that our listeners can send us questions or topics they would like to see discussed with that guest. Since this is brand new it will be an evolving project but we are very excited for the launch. The site just went live yesterday and Episode One was recorded at LRS with our first guest Mark Callahan. We recorded this after a nearly 9 hour day of filming at LRS so I am getting a crash course in audio editing so go easy on me for the first try. Check us out at We are heading to Reef-A-Palooza this week so come by booth #308 to give us suggestions for future content! There is also a Facebook page at Reef Frenzy Radio which you can follow for more updates. As always we thank everyone in the Reef2Reef community for your support! Larry DuPont Owner, LRS Foods Getting ready to begin filming! Mark and I chilling in my office just before the podcast was recorded.
  4. So last night I was goofing around uploaded a video to my Larry DuPont Facebook page and it went crazy overnight with dozens of shares and comments. (I accept all friend requests from hobbyists so if you wanna follow my page hit me up.) I decided to fry up a pack of our Chunky predator blend and eat it live on camera. We did this a few years ago and everyone got a kick out of it. I figured we may have some new hobbyists who missed that first video so why not do it again. In case you didn't know LRS Foods are all GARLIC FREE so the part with me adding garlic to cure Ich is a joke. While the video is cute our foods are marked "Not for human consumption" so don't try this at home. We have said from day one when we started mixing food back in 2012 that our seafood ingredients were fresher than any other product offered in the hobby. Twice a week we get deliveries of fresh shrimp, scallop, ocean perch, clams, oysters, etc. All this seafood is FDA inspected, certified and also delivered to numerous seafood restaurants in our area. North Carolina has an amazing shrimp season and each year our staff hand peels and processes TONS AND TONS of shrimp! We discard the exoskeletons since these shells typically go uneaten in the aquarium and can contribute to poor water quality. Even before you purchase a pack of LRS food you can visually inspect the contents to see exactly what you are getting. All foods now ship with a digital LOT# for inventory tracking and quality control purposes.
  5. ReefFrenzy

    Seaweed sheets

    Seaweed is bought and traded via international markets based on factors such as harvest site, imperfections, palatability, vibrance, etc. There is a wide range of quality and price which has been noted in the thread. It pretty much is a "you get what you pay for" product with the higher grades costing more money. Specifically, many of the higher grades are sourced by finer sushi restaurants. A few years ago we were asked to source a quality seaweed product for a few specific applications. We were able to locate an importer who provides sheet seaweed from a certified harvest site in Japan. The vendor provides data sheets showing the seaweed to be tested free from 400 chemicals, pollutants and 22 radioactive isotopes. We don't really advertise this product very much but it has a huge following of hobbyists who swear it gets the most picky fish eating. Our seaweed product was also supplied to the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii by the case for feeding the yellow tang broodstock during last year's captive breeding trials. You can read about it here: If you have good luck with a more economical and bulk packed seaweed then by all means have at it. I just wanted to provide a little info about the seaweed trade and how different grades stack up.
  6. It's that time of year again! Due to our purchasing volume we get first dibs when the harvest season begins on these ultra-fresh marine fish eggs. With 23% protein, 1% fat and a fatty acid profile off the charts these are by far the highest quality fish eggs to feed your fish. These are not dyed, bleached, artificially flavored or removed from their natural juices. The feeding response these eggs generate is INSANE and we've never had a single unhappy customer who tried them. The ladies at LRS process hundreds of pounds of fish daily to remove, clean and package the eggs for retail sale in a vacuum sealed pouch. Even though a lot of the eggs are diverted to aquaculture clients for broodstock diet supplementation your local fish store can order these in for you. More detailed info including lab test results can be found here: This video gives you an idea of the size of the eggs and demonstrates how the fish enjoy them:
  7. ReefFrenzy

    Two AMAZING captive breeding breakthroughs!

    I just bought my airfare for MACNA and am looking forward to it!
  8. What an amazing week for captive breeding breakthroughs! Todd Gardner has been very busy at his Long Island, NY college laboratory. Todd is a former MASNA "Aquarist of the Year" award recipient who has successfully bred 55 (Yes 55!) species in captivity. This week he announced two new milestones involving incredibly rare and expensive fish. The first article details his 4 year struggle to even obtain a permit to import six of the Gramma dejongi from Cuba. After finally landing the fish at his laboratory Todd was able to condition the broodstock (LRS gets a mention in the article as the diet used) and ended up getting a single larvae to settle. You can read all the details about this beautiful little guy here: In another article posted yesterday Todd describes how he was able to obtain a pair of Rainfordia opercularis which when even available in the hobby often sells for $5,000 each! Todd's article features beautiful photographs and detailed information about the endeavor from start to finish. Here is the link: LRS is honored that our Fertility Frenzy® and Fish Frenzy® foods were mentioned in each article as the diet fed to the broodstock and juveniles. Over the past 5 years we have been fortunate to work alongside many marine researchers who have helped us fine tune our foods to have the optimal nutritional profile. If a marine fish isn't ingesting all the nutrients it needs to have a healthy metabolism it cannot thrive, let alone spawn and produce viable eggs. You can learn more about our foods and see other recent aquaculture projects we have been involved with by visiting our website: We are very excited for what the future holds now that our Fertility Frenzy® is being exported around the globe to other aquaculture facilities working with many other species!
  9. I've mentioned before how much of a privilege it has been over the years to work closely with researchers involved with captive breeding efforts. In the case of our Fertility Frenzy® (Who's your daddy?) blend we have used the feedback from marine biologists to tweak our blend to be the optimal conditioning diet for broodstock. If marine fish don't get the necessary nutrition from their diet they will not lay large clutches of viable eggs. Period, end of story. We are humbled to get a shout out in this latest blog post from Rising Tide Conservation. Congrats to the staff at the University of Florida's Indian River Research and Education Center for their latest breakthrough! There are too many cool pics to repost so I will share the link to the blog post here: You can learn more about Fertility Frenzy and all the LRS blends by visiting
  10. I want to say Happy New Year and kick off 2017, but I had a couple things to share from 2016 which were exciting. Last year we pushed past 425+ retail dealers in the US and other countries such as Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and more. LRS also had the privilege of being named in some pretty cool aquaculture breakthroughs such as the first captive bred blue tangs, flat head perch, and yasha gobies. Due to these successes in breeding using our Fertility Frenzy® broodstock food our list of public aquarium and aquaculture customers tripled in the last 12 months. Some of the projects are showcased here: During 2016 the LRS team grew to six employees and we are planning on adding two more in the first quarter of 2017 to help with order picking/packing and receptionist/bookkeeping tasks. While all of this was underway our fanbase on social media continued to expand like crazy. We are grateful for all the friends of LRS who continue to share their positive experiences from using our products. I am very active on social media and I DO see many of the "likes" and posts in the various groups from our fans who recommend LRS to new hobbyists inquiring about which food to feed. We really appreciate all the support over the past five years since our success truly rests in the hands of the consumers who ultimately purchase our products. The entire LRS family would like to thank our supporters and members for an awesome 2016. We look forward to cranking out more food for you in the New Year!I'm going to close out this post and leave you with a short video featuring a song which was written by my friend and neighbor. Three years ago James pulled an "all-nighter" to record this as a surprise for my wife and I. You may have heard bits and pieces of the song in some of my promo videos but here is the entire version set to photos giving you an upclose and personal view of the family behind the foods. Thanks everyone again for your support last year and in the year ahead!
  11. ReefFrenzy

    A few shark pups raised on LRS in the lab...

    I get more excited over these stories than I do purchase orders! #passion
  12. I was recently contacted by a teacher working inside the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. She informed me she obtained our "Chunky" food from a LFS and it was used to successfully sustain several Spiny Dogfish (Squalls acanthus) sharks for over a year. The pups were born in captivity and turned a year old on Thanksgiving day. The adult shark parents were being housed as part of another study. Apparently, researchers struggle to keep this species alive in captivity due to their refusal to eat. This has not been an issue while feeding LRS and since the sharks are growing rapidly they reached out to us to supply more food for the program. If the captive-bred pups survive past 1.5 years I believe this will be a first for this species reared in captivity. We are very honored to be involved with the project and looking forward to when the paper detailing the events of the past year gets published. LRS foods continue to be named in captive breeding projects and our aquaculture and institutional client list continues to grow from word-of-mouth. The following photos are shared with permission. One of the students inserting a tag into the shark for tracking individual growth.
  13. ReefFrenzy

    A Fall update from LRS Foods

    Thanks for the feedback and we are glad your fish love LRS!
  14. I posted this clip on my Larry's Reef Services Facebook page where it was shared about 140 times and viewed over 32K. I figured our friends over here might enjoy it as well since there certainly were a lot of comments on the post. It seems folks either love this clownfish or hate it. We are fortunate to have customers around the globe frequently send us feeding videos with some of the rarest fish in the hobby. This video features a unique clownfish and hidden in the shadows is a pair of Rainfordia opercularis, or Australian Flathead Perch. (If you are not familiar with that fish Todd Gardner has a pair spawning in his possession which he talked about at MACNA in the second video posted below. If and when they became available in the past they sold for $12,000+) In the video below you can see better pictures and learn about how Todd helped LRS develop the "Fertility Frenzy" food which he used to increase the spawns to successfully captive breed the Rainfordia opercularis. It is always exciting and humbling for our foods to be used in such great breeding success stories and to also be fed to beautiful and rare fish. If you enjoy this sort of thing I will continue to share more videos like these as we receive them.
  15. We will see you next year for MACNA for sure!