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  1. I got it from Aqua Hut it wasn't as bright when I bought it.
  2. Yea that's where I use it at work. I really like it. I did those drawings on my break haha
  3. No not gonna do a fuge it's just for skimmer
  4. Any input on this sump design? Changes or problems you see?
  5. If you don't find any candy apple reds anywhere let me know next time you come to Baton Rouge I have some.
  6. The room is accessed from the garage so it doesn't have an A/C duct but already have that in the works it will have one. Yes, the top tank will be for RO/DI and bottom for mixing salt. I definitely will have a quarantine tank in there. Frag tank would be nice but the room isn't that big and I don't want it to be to crowded to get in there to do maintenance. But once all the necessities are in I will look into it. The display part of the tank will only be about 100 gallons 48 wide x 20 deep x 25 tall. The space for it is limited where its going and that is about as big as I can fit there but will be a nice upgrade from my 28g cube I been having for about 3 years. If frag tank were added would y'all recommend plumbing to main system or having it isolated?
  7. So I just moved out of my apartment and into my house recently. I already have a new tank build in the works. I have a storage room that will be used for the sump, water storage, salt mixing,etc. I laid out the room in a solid model and would just like some input. I don't want to do it and wish I would have done it another way or over looked something trying to plan it out. The blue square is a deep sink already in the room. The black containers are 40 gallon roto mold water drums and clearly the other thing is a sump. I know the shelf isn't designed to be able to hold the weight it's just for reference where I am planning on putting a shelf. I also think I may extend the width of the sump to 20 inches. The plan is to have a hole in the back wall for plumbing to come in from the tank. Any input is appreciated.
  8. In your opinion what are the best interactive species?
  9. I have been running my 28g jbj nano cube for about 2 years. I also use the Intank media basket. I like the intank media basket because it restricts the water and make it flow through the media and not going around the basket like the stock one, but I am sure this can be done as a DIY to achieve the same results. I run filter floss top, Purigen in the middle, and chemipure in the last chamber.
  10. Bmguidry

    Fluke Tabs

    What is the negative side of adding the urchin?
  11. Bmguidry

    Fluke Tabs Here is one thread but if you search blue cloves and fluke tabs there is more
  12. Bmguidry

    Fluke Tabs

    I'm looking for a couple fluke tabs if anybody possibly has any. I can't even find them to purchase on the Internet. I'm trying to get rid of blue cloves in my tank and many people have used them with success.