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  1. TrueTrini

    LF rbta

    I have one that fully extended is about 12", need to corner the rascal though, in Lafayette.
  2. About a year, he's about 3 1/2-4", I will let him know
  3. Damn I just gave my brother mine yesterday, he does have a 10-12" Sohal Tang he would let go, let me know, he's in Lafayette
  4. Can you send/post current pics of frog spawn, interested
  5. You should know better than to curse, shame on you
  6. Have three 165w Chinese LEDs , love them!
  7. Hey Scott how's that 300 coming? Did you find one, how about these on eBay, , get a third person and we could split the cost.
  8. I will take them if you can ship to Laffy overnight, paypal ok?
  9. Did you take them to the LFS?
  10. I will keep you in mind Brandon if it isn't gone by next week, trying to start up a DT.
  11. SOLD - Located in Lafayette. $500 for all, drilled with dual overflows, canopy is complete , stand is home made (2x4's) it works but is not finished. ie no doors or sides. Filter has external pump, plexiglas and about 25 gal. Canopy opens on top and in front.