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  1. I have one. I live in Ponchatoula. Work in LaPlace though.
  2. I have a toadstool leather and several mushrooms ready to go.
  3. RBTA $30 Lots of Red Cap about 1-2 inches $5 a Piece Assorted Mushrooms $10 Text me for pics 985 222 0217 Located in Ponchatoua
  4. I want Jabeos if still available
  5. As long as you are sure to check your tds often, I don't see a problem with it.
  6. I am in Ponchatoula so a little far. I have a 4 bulb T-5 you could have cheap but would need a new ballast. Odyssea brand but grew corals for me in the beginning.
  7. I'll take. I like messing around with that type of stuff. Can pick up this weekend.
  8. Yea can only put it on outlet 1 or 4 I believe. DA won't fix that strip?
  9. Perfectly put. It has worked as it should since the day I installed. I got complacent on testing and it bit me in the butt.
  10. Another Kalk disaster story. My reefkeeper controls my ATO. I had two float switches installed. The lower one controlled the water level on/off. The second one right above was a safety off if triggered. Chances of both failing I would have considered non existent. Wrong!!! I mixed up 4 gallons Monday night and woke up Tuesday Morning to find my ato empty and tank completely white. Luckily I had about twenty gallons of saltwater mixed so I did a large water change and then mixed up another twenty gallons and did another one 3 hours later. Needless to say, both float switches are in the garbage and I will be adding more in series to prevent further problems. I have a dosing pump that I bought from a fellow member so I think it is certainly time to hook that up which I should have done a long time ago. So anyone running Kalk, make sure you check, clean and recheck you switches. I know this is a pretty common disaster and can wipe out a tank. I learned that you can run these in series with each other for added safety. If you are running kalk and only have 1-2 switches, you really should consider adding more if able. You can run as many as you want in series. On a good note, All livestock appears to be doing OK atm. Hopefully it will stay that way. Sorry for the lengthy post but though it was worth mentioning.
  11. I finally just got my nitrates down. Was 20+. Down to around 7 now and my tank is pissed. Hollywood stunner and several caps are lightened up and a few candy canes are not opening.
  12. Well heck, if yall want some nutrients, just get some water from me when I do a water change lol. Got plenty to go around.
  13. Bump Need to get rid of these. Any reasonable offer welcome.