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  1. butta323

    Rose bubble tips.

    I may be interested. What size are they?
  2. butta323

    FREE - Water Storage Tanks

    I want them I just left you guys a message after hours. This is perfect as i am one of your regular customers.
  3. butta323

    Radion XR30 G3 (Never Used)

    pm'd you
  4. butta323

    36 gal fulval set up and live stock!

    pm'd you
  5. butta323

    Selling All Livestock

    Pm'd you
  6. butta323

    Assorted Halide/Flourescent Lighting Equipment

    Reduced to $75.00
  7. butta323

    Marineland Pro 24" t5/led/halide 14KHQI

    Reduced to $200.00
  8. It appears to be new in box I am selling it for $250.00 As Is. No offers thats the price. Its priced to sell so only text me if you are interested at that price. FACE TO FACE TRANSACTION ONLY Thank You. 5043824759 Its offered elsewhere for 300 but i rather a BRKer get it.
  9. butta323

    Assorted Halide/Flourescent Lighting Equipment

    Throwing in the PH controller. It powers up but has no probe.
  10. I bought this stuff from the estate of a reefer and have not gotten around to using it. Now cleaning out the garage. The metal halide bulbs appear to be new making the rest of the lagniappe. Some of the other bulbs appear to be new some used. Lengths vary from 36" to 72". There are also ballasts, a box of assorted end caps. I have no idea what works and what doesn't so its all sold AS IS. $100.00 for all. Text 504-382-4759
  11. Ive been lurking here for years. Doing a lot of reading. I worked a LFS through high school and some college. Ive had at least 1 tank since i was about 14. I have also had saltwater fish only tanks with skeleton corals. Currently have an acrylic 75 fresh water tetra planted tank. Have a 12 year old son who has 3 smaller tanks who shares the hobby with me. Now for where the story gets out of hand. My son and i have been wanting to enter into the reef hobby. A Friend of mine spotted a dry 5' 200 in a garage. Long story short i bought the guys whole garage full of equipment. Brought it all home...it filled my garage carport. Wife says, "whats all that?" I tell her. She then informs me that first will be a new house or a renovation here. So i tear the house up (where i am at this point) I sold the 200 tank and stand to make staging room for the reno. In the mean time i find on here a beautiful 300 DD stand. For the price you couldn't have the doors made let alone the stand. i bought it. I am a good while from setting up a 300 as the reno on the house must be completed. My son wants to convert the 75 to a reef in the meantime but i think a 90 reef ready would be better or maybe a 90 with a synergy ghost overflow. So at the moment thats what I'm looking for. Tank Only. I enjoy reading here and thought i would make a formal intro.