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  1. My First Build 75g

    Looking good! I have an extra Orbit IC 36" strip light laying around if you could use it, PM me, I'll let it go cheap.
  2. Fragniappe 2018

    The wife, kids, and I will be attending this year
  3. Dumping LEDs. Back to T5HO we GO!

    Yeh I am currently running 2 b+, 1 c+, and 3 uv. The polyp extension in the LPS has been phenomenal and the corals are starting to grow, mushrooms are popping out babies left and right lol.
  4. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    @Reef Tank Greg why am I not recieving email notifications to my posts?
  5. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Thanks! Tomini Tang Yellow Tang Melenarus Wrasse Bangaii Cardinal PJ Cardinal 2 x Blue/Green Chomis 2 x False Perc Clowns Talbots Damsel
  6. So I have taken the plunge to dump LEDs and go back to what just works, T5s. Waiting on the fixture to arrive next week. Here’s a video of my tank with LEDs for the last time. Hamilton Lighting Tech was having a great end of year sale so I picked up their 3ft 6 bulb fixture. The light from any LED fixture that I have used just seems to be harsh, in a word. I have always experienced success when using T5HO fixtures.
  7. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    A clam and scolly hopefully one say .
  8. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Did some reaquascapeing .
  9. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Yeh it’s definitely a sucky situation. With the third light I think I am ready for some sps! .
  10. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Time for an update Well a few changes have been made. I added a 3rd Orbit IC strip and 3D printed some tank mounts for them. The extra light helps light up this tank much better than just two strips. The tank is 24” front to back. The second change is the tank got infected with either ich or velvet. Leaning toward velvet because of how quickly it killed. Went from 13 fish to 5 in less than a week. So I am currently 3 weeks into a 90 day fallow period. The 5 remaining fish are in a hospital/qt where they have been treated with Cupramine. They no longer show signs and are back to eating like hogs. Now to wait out the life cycle of the parasite in the display tank. And finally a current, fishless, FTS. .
  11. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Thanks Scott! Those are actually Seachem Matrix. The carbon is sitting on top of them. The matrix is supposed to help with NO3 reduction, but they have been in there since the start of the tank and I havn't seen that. My NO3 floats between 8-12 between water changes. However, they do seem to make a nice place for pods to hang out since I am not running a fuge.
  12. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Thank you sir. Who would have thought that after doing a 25% water change I would be dosing PO4 as to not lower it from 0.08ppm. NO3 creeped up from 8ppm to 12ppm so I decided to do a water change and bring it back to 8ppm. Crazy new world this is post dino outbreak.
  13. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Oh and I am not running a refugium. .
  14. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Yeh I don't run any gfo but I did run a bag of chemipure elite that dise have a small amount of gfo. Since I dont want to drop my PO 4 I switched to some Bituminous GAC from Fritz Im running the entire 20 oz at a time. Along with 2L of seachem matrix in media bags in the sump. The water is forced through the bags because that is the way the sump is designed. Not sure what these are really doing other than making the water crystal clear. .