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  1. Well, here's an update on my tank. It's basically on auto pilot right now, coming up on 2 years old. I did recently make the switch from all T5 to only two Kessil A360Xs. Nothing but positive things to say about those. The color, the shimmer, and most importantly they do grow coral. I am keeping up with the big 3 with ATI Essentials Pro. It's only two parts but doses the big 3 and other trace. The corals have responded well and are growing. Demand seemed to ever be climbing but has recently settled out at 6 mL per day of each. Pretty potent stuff IMO. Any-who here's the tank as it currently sits. Scored the rainbow trachy at Fragniappe this year. w00t!
  2. Thats a sweet looking tank! Makes me want to upgrade. What's your stocking list look like?
  3. One heck of a coral haul from Fragniappe! Plus clams!!
  4. Nice! The light from T5 seems to be soft, where as the LED light is so focused that it seems harsh. I wonder if that could explain the better PE. Just about every reefer who made the switch from LED to T5 has reported better PE.
  5. Travis

    Fragniappe 2018

    I think the proper solution is less chiefs and more Indians If we had more to moderate I would totally lend a hand, but I think you guys have all this activity covered. Joe, facebook is the devil, it's been my mantra for as long as there has been facebook. BUT, I decided to give it a try once all the activity on the forums had ceased to exist. I have to say, it's still the devil, but there is a sense of community beneath the likes and replies. It's not as great as getting 50+ pages on on your build thread, or watching your post count rise and wearing it like a badge of honor. The way people are finding the hobby nowadays is through social media. My wifes cousin is a prime example. My wife posted pictures of our tank on facebook and her cousin saw the post. After a bit of discussion through facebook with me, he now has a 90g reef in his living room. It's all about making connections. We need guys like you on there to show these newbies how it's done. Just me $0.02
  6. Still having better growth and color with the T5s
  7. Looking good! I have an extra Orbit IC 36" strip light laying around if you could use it, PM me, I'll let it go cheap.
  8. Travis

    Fragniappe 2018

    The wife, kids, and I will be attending this year
  9. Yeh I am currently running 2 b+, 1 c+, and 3 uv. The polyp extension in the LPS has been phenomenal and the corals are starting to grow, mushrooms are popping out babies left and right lol.
  10. @Reef Tank Greg why am I not recieving email notifications to my posts?
  11. Thanks! Tomini Tang Yellow Tang Melenarus Wrasse Bangaii Cardinal PJ Cardinal 2 x Blue/Green Chomis 2 x False Perc Clowns Talbots Damsel
  12. So I have taken the plunge to dump LEDs and go back to what just works, T5s. Waiting on the fixture to arrive next week. Here’s a video of my tank with LEDs for the last time. Hamilton Lighting Tech was having a great end of year sale so I picked up their 3ft 6 bulb fixture. The light from any LED fixture that I have used just seems to be harsh, in a word. I have always experienced success when using T5HO fixtures.
  13. A clam and scolly hopefully one say .