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  1. Powered up.
  2. Lol! Thanks Greg! .
  3. Looks good Greg! I was debating whether or not to have a fuge on my new setup but reading your post is starting to tip the scale for me. .
  4. It's here!!! It came with this really sweet fuge light!! .
  5. Thanks. Trying to keep it simple yet covenant. .
  6. Man, what a come back!! Looks great! .
  7. Yep they sure do. They are fitted.
  8. Best float switch holders I have used yet. Super strong magnets for easy mounting and a top notch snail guard. Not bad for a "store" brand! And the reservoir. .
  9. First shipment of goodies are in! Also got tracking info for the tank and stand! .
  10. Is it bad I feel like that. Lol!!! .
  11. Hear ya man. I did the same thing a few months ago. Took care of life and now I'm back. .
  12. My brief break from the hobby has ended. Awaiting shipment of a 70g Cad Lights Artisan II Picked up the tank along with all the necessary items to get this tank wet! Stay tuned! BTW. How has everyone been doing!!?? Cant wait for freakin' MACNA!!! .