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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I am running carbon in a media bag that I dropped into one of my filter socks. It has gotten rid of the mentioned odors and has cleared up my water pretty good as well. I do regular water changes in my tanks (every 3-4 weeks) and have not had any real issues but decided to run carbon from the research I had done on it. Before now, I had only ran it after medications or treatments in my tanks. Being fairly new to the hobby, I am kinda hesitant to just jump in and do what others do without extensive research.
  2. Who all here is running a quarantine tank and what is your quarantine practice? Precautionary treatments, observation periods, etc,etc!!! Thanks in advance for the input.
  3. FYI, the Hattiesburg Petco is doing their dollar a gallon sale.
  4. T_BONE

    40 gallon peninsula with stand

    Tried to PM you but it says you cannot receive messages. Can you post pics or send me some via PM? Thanks
  5. T_BONE

    Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Man that thing is nice. Awesome build. Wish I had the space. Good luck with the sale.
  6. T_BONE

    Frag system

    ^ What he said. ^
  7. Anyone here that can offer me some input on running carbon media on a mixed reef tank? Pros and cons? When to run it and when not to? I did search a little on here before deciding to post a new topic. Sorry if this is a noob question as I am still a little “green” in the hobby! 🤪 Thanks in advance for any and all input.
  8. T_BONE

    Spring Cleaning Sale

    Pm Sent. Thanks
  9. T_BONE

    FS: Red Sea Max S500 - $1500

    How much for the MP40’s?
  10. Good to know. I thought it may have been something wrong. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Anyone know why this happens and what it is? It’s done this a couple times. It is brown strings of some kind coming from the mouth. Thanks for the help in advance.
  12. T_BONE

    MP60 for 2 MP40's

    So, after a little while of playing with the MP60's, they are turned all the way down and that's the only setting that will not cause a sand storm in my 120g. I have positioned them different ways and worked with sync and anti sync combos that have all washed my LS all over the tank. I crank them up for a few seconds every few days to stir up the detritus and send it to the overflows but this is not something I want to keep doing. I would rather set it and leave it. Options or opinions? One of the 60's has been factory reconditioned with a new wet side and upgraded to a QD and the other has a new wet side. May be Willing to swap for equal value wavemakers or sell them and buy a pair of 40's. what you guys think?? Thanks.
  13. T_BONE

    ISO:20-30g aio setup

    May be interested, any pics or more info on the tank? Sorry for the hijack!
  14. I am quite a noob with hobby and was wanting some experienced reefers out here to give me their opinions on this. I have 2-MP60's that I got from captbenjy and was planning on running them on my 120 that's in the cycle process as I am typing this post and wondering if I should go with 2-40's instead? The one MP60 I have on it now is a beast. When I crank it up it really makes a lot of movement and I am wanting the two on there to sync them for lagoon feature. So the question is: Should I try and swap someone one of my 60's for two 40's, if that's an even swap, or should I just run the 60's at like 25% and keep em? Thanks in advance and btw, I will be posting this weekend on the new 120 build. 😜
  15. T_BONE

    White discharge from 'shroom! Any ideas???

    Update: Moved the toadstool and another spiney shroom from around them and also spot fed the shroom with mysis. It has been back to normal for the last 1.5 days now so I guess that is what it ended up being. Thanks for the help kirk_m!!!