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  1. This is a 5-stage BRS RO/DI.... has sediment filter, 2 carbon filters, RO, and DI. The 3 filters were recently replaced, but the DI media probably should be replaced, as even though the output measures 0ppm TDS, a phosphate test showed about .03ppm. The unit is about 7 years old and is still on its original RO membrane. I've read they're only supposed to last 2-3 years, but I guess the amount of water I've produced with it is lower than most people, as the membrane is still going strong (if I remember the numbers correctly, my 250ppm tap water yields 4-6ppm from the membrane, consistent with the ~98% rejection rate it's expected to achieve). Anyway, it's free for the taking in Slidell.
  2. Waiting to hear back from SingleBarrel... will let you know if it falls through!
  3. Not sure if I'm ready to keep an anemone (especially with stock lighting... Biocube 32 LED), but leathers might be suitable for me. The only issue now is that I probably won't be in Mandeville until Thursday evening, and my wife is anxious to get this thing off the back porch!
  4. I have a 29g Biocube that I need to get rid of. The tank itself is in good shape, though the back wall could use a good scraping. The hood has a Steve's LED upgrade kit installed, but 1 of the 2 strips of LEDs is only intermittently working (probably needs a new driver), and the Typhoon controller's display goes blank after a few minutes. So, you could either tinker with it to get it working, or use it hoodless with a different light. Free to a good home, though if possible I'd like to get a few beginner coral frags (mushrooms, zoas, GSP, etc.) that you might have extra of. I'm in Slidell, but will probably be in Mandeville on Monday evening.
  5. Nice to meet you, and thanks for the great frags! --Michael
  6. Wasn't able to reach you at that number... sent you a private message. --Michael
  7. I just received a cleanup crew from Reef Cleaners, and I think perhaps my eyes were a bit bigger than my stomach, as the package I ordered had a bit too many snails for my 29g Biocube (plus they sent a lot more than I ordered). Free to a good home are 16 nassarius vibex, 6 cerith (about 1"), and a whole bunch of dwarf cerith (under 1/2"). Local pickup in Slidell (Military Rd. area).