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  1. Oh and one more note, I got the maxspect gyre xf230 in this week and have to say that although its a bit early, this is probably my favorite wavemaker I've ever used. I've never been able to get this much water movement around the tank without blasting sand away from glass. The true test will be when I start stocking corals but for now I am pretty happy with it.
  2. Got a long weekend due to the school's fall break and decided to take advantage of it. Spent all day yesterday doing tank stuff. First thing I did was utilize the drain I had installed on the tank wall by connecting it to a siphon tube. In my old build I had a bulkhead in the back of the tank and it was hard plumbed to the drain, while this was super convenient for draining water it made it impossible to vacuum the sand and target detritus. With the way I've set it up this time I have a siphon bulb mounted on the wall behind the left bookshelf and with a couple of squeezes I can start a siphon that will go directly to the drain. When not in use it is all stored behind the bookshelf out of sight. The next thing I did was install a saltwater mixing tank in the cabinet on the left side. Its just a 10 gallon tank with glass top with a heater and a couple of powerheads to mix it up. I am still waiting on my fill pump which will be plumbed with tubing to a return jet I can hang on the side on the tank to refill it during water changes. The return jet also is mounted out of sight on the wall for storage when not in use. The mixing station is all controlled by an american dj power strip so I can flip a switch to turn on/off whatever components I need. After that I got my ATO reservoir installed and spent some time doing cord management and mounting my apex inside the right cabinet, I am going to replace the ato reservoir with one that matches the space available better. I feel I am wasting space behind the reservoir with its current footprint. And finally i took the kids to Shreveport and visited Epic Aquaria, Spent about 40 minutes there and picked up our first addition. A "da vinci" ocellaris clown. I still haven't completed decided on a light yet for this tank but am leaning heavily towards a kessil a360, i figure I will make a final decision and place an order in the next week or two.
  3. That overflow looks great! Are you going to paint the rim on the screen top black to match the tank?
  4. Thanks, It took a while to find some furniture with the right dimensions but it worked out pretty well. I don't discriminate, that's a bow-tech right above the Mathews lol.
  5. I am underway on my new build, after finishing replacing the floor in my home office after my old tank leaked I started on this project. The tank in an IM nuvo fusion 40 AIO For the stand I bought the "wall library" and file cabinet in the picture. I built a 2x4 supporting structure and then used the finished boards from the file cabinet as a skin with some good ol fashioned liquid nails. The rock is the "shapes" liferock by caribsea Sand is caribsea reef grade special So far for filtration I have a tunze 9004 doc comline skimmer on one far side, filter sock on the other far side. In the next chambers in, one side is filled with marine pure biospheres, the other holds my heater and probe rack. Controller is an Apex jr. ATO is a tunze osmolator nano going to 5 gallon eschopps ato container. For salt I am using the HW marine reefer mix at 1.026 sg. Flow is currently being provided by a pair of hydor koralias I had laying around, will be replaced by a maxspect gyre xf230 once UPS drops it off on tuesday. I have yet to decide on the light I want to use. The end goal is for this to be an SPS dominant tank, I still got quite a bit of time before I need a light. I just started the cycle on Friday 10/13 and look forward to moving past the cycle waiting game.
  6. I have a few items from my old tank that wont work with my new build. Located in Natchitoches, willing to ship the reactor or pump. Sump is pickup only. Sump- Eschopps RS-200 3rd gen. I have probably a dozen filter socks and foam blocks for this sump that will go with it. Needs to be cleaned but no cracks or leaks. $75 Pump- Sicce Syncra Pro 5500 (1500 GPH). Has about 2 years of use on it but is still going strong. $50 BRS Deluxe media reactor- $25 Marine Pure Bio Spheres- about 3 gallons worth. $75 If you want it all and are willing to pick it up- $150
  7. Dude this is going to be awesome. What are your initial impressions on the nuvo black? Ive been excited to ask someone who bought one what they think.
  8. Have you seen the new tank mount for the a series? It looks better than the gooseneck, you can run the cords through it. But I certainly agree, the radion mount is sleek.
  9. Ok so the tank for the new build is an IM 40 gallon. Dimensions are roughly 24X20X18. I want a small light to try to match the minimalist look of the rimless tank. I believe I have narrowed it down to the Kessil A360 or the Radion XR15. Both are $400. I want to be able to keep mostly SPS with a few LPS (acans and such) at the bottom of the tank. I have and apex and would only need to purchase the module for the controller. Which light would you choose and why? Thanks for your help!
  10. Something smaller in the 40 gallon range. I'm thinking one of the IM nuvo tanks again.
  11. Some of you may know me, others may not. I was pretty active on this site for a while and my tanks were all the better for it. About a year ago I shut down my last saltwater tank and only kept my big tank running with some freshwater fish. In an expensive hobby life gets in the way sometimes. I was at a point that I could not maintain all of the projects I had going physically, or financially. So I took a break, gathered my thoughts and this is what I realized. 1. The passion for the hobby just didn't exist for freshwater. If I am going to exert the effort to maintain an aquarium it is going to be a reef. 2. I cannot bite off more than I can chew. Big tanks are amazing and it has always been a dream to own a truly massive aquarium. That being said I am a person short on time, and a large tank takes up too much time and money for me to truly appreciate. 3. I need to slow down and enjoy the experience of creating a great tank. I am that guy that tinkers and is constantly changing my tank up, by doing this I am creating more work for myself and spending more money. I need to slow down and take time with my new build. I want to enjoy every step of the process, not just rush to the end and hope for great results. So now I am back, my 110 freshwater sprang a leak last week and ruined the floors in my home office. After being initially quite upset I saw this as an opportunity to get excited again about the hobby. I replaced the floor and started making plans, the new build is about to begin. I just wanted to post this to explain my absence and say that I am excited to be back and once again to use this wonderful site
  12. I would be interested in just the tank and stand,. For what it's worth in my experience you pretty much always make more back when you part out though it can take a little longer.