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  1. I have live rock, various sizes and shapes. Asking $300 for all ~140lbs Will cycle your rank much faster than dry rock. .
  2. Found a website that had them for cheap and a variety of clean up crews and algae mongers!!! I will win this war!!!!
  3. I will purchase the tech m y'all have if its the old version, I'm in madisonville. Thanks in advance.
  4. Kirk I have some if the orange digi if you are still looking. I'm in madisonville.
  5. I am heading offshore tomorrow. Will touch base when I get back. Thank you
  6. Sounds good Mike Cozad. Appreciate it. Mike Lawrence my GFO is BAD WORD down due to emptying a few gallons of water on to my floors last week... Thankful I have the SMART ATO and not the tunze or float...
  7. Helldiver combo is sold pending Saturday to mr Cozad. I have other skimmers if you are in need? Let me know.
  8. Have a mild bryopsis and hair algae issue and in need of some lettuce nudis or any other recommendations? Willing to buy or trade frags etc. thanks in advance
  9. Bump. Throwing in s micro uv sterilizer that is brand new. Has its own pump never been wet. Not sure of the brand but it will fit in the back filter section.
  10. Where are you located?
  11. Bump make an offer
  12. That's my new one Mikey! Goodluck!