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  1. Used but in great condition. Comes with gooseneck holder/hanger. $200 obo 225-572-6907
  2. Will you sell them separate? I'm just wanting the cal checker
  3. I would like to trade for a smaller pump like a mag 12 Or $75.00
  4. 24K or maybe King Midas???
  5. All is sold except the monti cap and trumpet coral
  6. Still trying to get a pic, ill get it in about an hour. Update on frogspawn prices; $5.00 a head
  7. I'm all about being generous lol. Just want a good home for them. I can't get pics of the nem at the moment, I'll take some when I get home tonight
  8. I've got a nice sized green carpet nem and two clarkii clownfish for sale. Both are hosting the nem and they get along great so it would be nice to keep them all together. $40 for all three. Also have 3 big frags of frogspawn each having 3-4 heads. $10 per head obo. I have 4 frags of ponape birds nest $5 each. And 2 frags of red monti cap $5 each. One frag of green trumpet just need to mount it on a frag, has 3 heads $20 obo. Text me at 225-572-6907 if interested