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  1. Bump, Need the tank gone soon
  2. Selling my Evo 13.5 Gallon Aquarium Includes: 13.5 gallon Tank (cleaned, some coralline on the back wall) Stock LED Light and lid Skimmer Heater JBJ Auto top off and aqualifter pump Old Ecoxotic 12 in white stunner strip (for lighting back as optional refugium) Floating Glass thermometer Mesh Media Two bags of ceramic media Stock pump/tubing/return nozzle Asking $200 Great little tank that housed many softies/gorgs and my seahorses over the years. Everything you need to get started Pics from its prime:
  3. price drops, really need these gone!
  4. Bump Sold items updated. The rest are still available!
  5. ORA Aquacultured seahorses for sale. $40 each OBOEat frozen Mysis or Brine shrimp (will eat from hands) One is an erectus/reidi hybrid the other is an erectus. They do not spawn together. PM me fore details
  6. Hi Everyone, Since I will be starting medical school next year (and moving), I have decided to break down the smaller of my two tanks. I am selling off all of the livestock. All of these corals are from an established tank (~3 years old). No known pests in the tank besides the usual bits of hair algae. Included iPhone pictures. Can provide more detailed pictures upon request. Prices listed OBO Located in Baton Rouge. Not wanting to fool with shipping, willing to travel within reason to meet. PM for details 1) Zoa Rock ( 150+ polys Fire and Ice and 6 polys Eagle eyes) $120 2) Mixed rock: sold 3) Single Large orange ricordea yuma: sold 4) orange ricordea yuma rock (15+ small mushrooms): sold 5) Blue mushroom (1 big, 1 small): $20 6) orange yuma rock (1 extra large shroom, 4+ smaller shrooms): sold 7) Gorgonian Rock (4 branches of one species, 1 branch of corky sea finger) $ 35 8 Frag of photosynthetic Gorgonian: $15 9) Purple Mushroom rock (~9 purple mushrooms with blue spots): $35 10) Single small orange yuma: sold
  7. Thanks! Kirk_M: The orange one (Swiftia exserta) is not photosynthetic. I put that one in the front so that I can easily target feed it. From what I have heard it is a difficult gorg to keep long term but I still get great poly extension and have not seen any tissue recession yet so fingers crossed.
  8. Have not been on the forum for a while but I have been in the hobby since 2012. This is my Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon nano tank that I currently have in my apartment. The tank is about 6 months old. It previously housed my seahorse pair (lost one to a parasite and the other to an AC issue at my appartment) and will house another pair soon after running without fish for at least 2 months. Most livestock is either from my LFS or KP aquatics; Stocking includes: Inverts: 2 porcelain carbs snails blue leg hermits feather duster 2 large sponges Harequin Serpent Star Corals: 12 species of gorgs Red Zoa's Blue Mushroom Purple Mushroom Ricordia mushrooms (blue, orange, green, rainbow and yellow) Hairy Mushroom Macro: Red macroalgea Chaetomrpha I do weekly (sometimes biweekly) 5 gallon water changes. I dose Vibrance once a week and it works great at keeping the algae off the glass. I target feed Polylab and coral frenzy 2-3 times a week. The back houses a heater, return pump, sponge filter, carbon, and I use the first chamber to grow macroalgea. The Cheato in it grows like crazy and works as a decent filter floss (I wash the detritus out when I do water changes). Pics included (crappy iPhone camera... I will take better ones soon). I may add another ORA seahorse pair next month. Ive included a pic of my old pair here as well... note: their death was not due to improper husbandry. I target fed them by pipette daily. They were fat, happy, and spawning regularly. The parasite made it in on a clownfish despite a 2 week quarantine I'd say its not a bad setup for a college reefer. Let me know what y'all think or if y'all have any questions -Ryan
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    please close
  10. I have a stand that I used with mine for sale! PM me if you are interested
  11. With all the livestock gone I am ready to sell the equipment. I already miss having the tank so i will be keeping some stuff for the possibility of starting a nano in the near future but below you will find all of the equipment that i have no use for on a small tank. Hood (Diy black) $50 Tank (standard 75 gallon) $100 Stand (black) $150 Tunze turbelle 6045 (1,118 gph) $60 Mag drive 7 $50 4 Filter socks and sump holder $10 Sump (20 long with 3 chambers, 2 diy plastic dividers) $20 Quiet one 2200 $30 Reef octopus nwb-110 skimmer $120 Jäger 250w Heater $20 (2 available) Ecoxotic stunner strips (2x 48 in. 1 12 in) and transformer $140 Hydor koralia 750 $30 (2x) Phosban reactors w pump $50 (2x) Eshopps overflow box PF-800 $30 Red Sea Pro (Ca, Alk, Mg) test used less than 10 times $40 Hydor pico 200 $10 Hydor pico 800 $10 Eheim fish feeder $20 Brute trashcan $15 Hamilton light timer $10 Led sump light $10 Free with multi-item purchase (pick one) 1 gallon brs kalk Gravel vac Coral frenzy Algea magnet I would prefer to be contacted via text at 225-290-0821 or by email at ryanrdhhoffman@gmail.com Some prices are negotiable. Local pick up/meeting only near Baton Rouge.