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  1. Somewhere long ago I read of a recipe to kill Aiptasia that you can make yourself rather than buying Red Sea Aiptasia X. Anyone know of this and have any input on how it works? I'm actually trying to kill Pulsating Xenia with it! I've been successful with the Red Sea, but having to use so much I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.
  2. OK, I now have a 125 gal. with 3-250K Metal Halides, 4 T-5's (2 blue, 2 Pure Actenic), 8 blue moonlights. I have a little of everything, soft, lps, sps....... and it's packed full. Ballasts are out on T-5's so I'm considering new lighting. I'm thinking by the time I repair what I've got and consider the cost to run I might as well look into new lighting. Looking at the AI Prime HD. So, what do y'all think? Also welcome comments on adjustment from Halide to LED's.
  3. I've had this coral for over a year and it's done very well but in the last couple days, my Devil's hand is not opening and it seems to be shedding in one little spot? What's this all about?
  4. Can you send me pictures of rainbow nems?
  5. interested in sun drops and clementines if you still have them. 225-776-6782
  6. For general information on the placement of corals as far as water flow and lighting where is the best place to go for info? I have a big variety of basic leathers, mushrooms, polyps, zoas, duncans, gorgonian, feather dusters, flower pot, candy canes, torch, acans, blasto, Favia, Acro, clams, Bubble tip, mini max carpet, condy, fish, shrimp, etc. For the most part I've just been going on what they tell me at the LFS and they seem to be doing ok. I just wanted to see if there was more info and get a better idea of what I'm doing.
  7. I might be interested in some zoas and mushrooms. I live on the way to Baton Rouge if you're coming this way I can meet you somewhere near I-10. You can call me if you're coming to let me know what you have, or text my phone with pictures. I won't be on the forum much longer today. 225-776-6782
  8. Interested if you still have them for sale.
  9. Lisa

    Coral for sale

    I would be interested in quite a few pieces. Can you PM me what you have left? Favia, zoa,ricordia,hammer, more. You can call 225-776-6782. I will travel to pick up.
  10. How much for green monster palys, what else do you have? May be looking forcsome zoas.
  11. Lisa

    Zoa Eye Candy

    Another thing????? Water Flow????? I have 2 double incoming flow things for lack of knowing what the correct terminology, also 2 1500gph powerheads. How do you know where to point the incoming water and place the powerheads?
  12. Lisa

    Zoa Eye Candy

    LFS, definately thinks I was overfeeding (guilty as charged) 3 M.H, 4 - T5's, running lights 8 hrs., lots of nat light make sense. They promised I'd see a difference changing the lights etc. WHICH I HAVE! I could see the Green hair algae growing on the glass rapidly, the rock edges had red and green developing, the sand had lime green and a greyish color in it and on top. NOW, the glass is staying clean, so far the sand has some light spots here and there mainly places that I had trouble reaching, the rocks which had gotten a little worse are not improving. Thats why I wondered about my clean up crew. I have a good # of crabs and snails but I know Im probably NOT at max recommended. So if the sand is ANOTHER factor or even the main problem, what do I do? Can I somehow recover this sand and make it work? Been doing water changes and syphoned the sand several times. I actually think I've got my hands in the water way too much, always trying to get things situated from being knocked over or in the right place and have damaged some things, which leads to another of many questions. Im Tired of taking the thing down and every time I mess around in the tank, things fall and get all messed up. BUT because I've aqua scaped without gluing rocks I've created my scape by naturally stacking the rocks so when I move one rock to reposition something there's a domino affect. Id actually like less rock where you could see through them a little more and I'd like a little more sand surface. Is there such a thing as having too much rock? Ive been told to drill the rocks and stack them by supporting them with rods of some sort to get my look? Like I said, scared to take it down again in fear of loosing or messing something up. I also hadnt yet started up my protein skimmer, but was thinking its time to do so. Tank was setbup early March. What do you suggest?
  13. Lisa


    Im new again. Started with 30 gal. Loved it had lots in it, jumped to a used 145 with diy refugium and 3 - 250w metal halide with 4 T5'S (white!!! Steered wrong by LFS) now have 2 blue 2 pure actenic, And 8 tiny blue moonlight led's. Got it established moved everything, tank was progressing then sprang a leak. Took it down tried to save corals and crammed it all in 30 gal. Kept water, sand and rocks aireated. Husband got ill and it took a while to get reset up so I lost lots of stuff. Got new 125 set up, new refugium, bought RODI system, protein skimmer which is not yet plugged in but will do so this week. Been set up since the 1st of March using part of my saved water that the rocks were in, my old live rocks, and sand which I thoroughly cleaned and added a little more new sand. 2 months set up, struggled with bad algae, talking to LFS changed white T-5'S, HOWEVER algae isn't way out of control but I can see it getting worse. I have a good bit of natural sunlight in my room so ive gone to leaving lights off most of the time. Got quite a few crabs and snails but still not sure I have a big enough clean up crew. BOTTOM LINE, I'd like to be able tonrun lights all the time, lol, just kidding. But 6 hours would be nice. Its a show piece in my home and I cant stay from in front of it myself. WHAT CAN I DO? I know nat light will grow the algae but CANT I JUST INCREASE MY CLEAN UP CREW??? How many, what combo of crew, and what else can I do? Also have many other ?'s but help me tackle this one first.
  14. Lisa

    Zoa Eye Candy

    Hey, I'm new but lovin these zoas! Had 30 gal. Quickly bought used 145 got it established, then it started leaking, took it down and crammed all into my 30, husband got ill so it took some time getting another set up and I lost $$$$$$. Kept rock sand and water aireated. Got new 125 set up early March. Been struggling with lights causing algae but otherwise perimeters etc. Are stable. STILL LEARNING SO MUCH, and I'm not exactlt patient so I've lost a couple things BUT long story..... I had zoas before and wasnt successful. Im thinking because they are forgiving and even prefer dirty water??? I maybe wasnt ready???? What do you think? I want some and would like to start getting more. I sure can grow those trashy old common pallys that are covering my leather, What advice do you have?