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  1. Black Hydra 52 with hanging kit - $250 Light is about 2 years old. Was used for one year. Never had any problems. Located in Houma. Could meet at Coral Fever.
  2. Why is it that this forum seems so hostile at times?
  3. Thanks Dustin. I definitely have a frag of the fruit loops for you.
  4. I have some fruit loops that I will trade for darth maul if you can make it this way. Seth at Coral Fever also has tons of nice palys and zoas right now. I picked up some eagle eyes and a joker from him the other day.
  5. Thanks Rodney. Frogspawn sold.
  6. I have a few frags available. Here is an iPhone pic showing a few 2+ head Duncan frag-$10 2 head Frogspawn -$20 GSP-$10 Tyree Sunset Monti-$20 (encrusted on frag plug) Super Red Shrooms-$15 Also have some nice palys and zoa frags.
  7. What do you estimate the cost of building a plywood 120 to be? I always thought it would be cheaper to buy a glass tank in that size. I know it always cost me way, way to much when I try to diy something.
  8. I have a bunch that are not shown in the pics. I have: Candy Apple Reds (these frags have 5-10p each $20) Nuclear Greens (2p $10) Tubbs Blues (4-6p $20) Magicians (2p/$20) WOWs (3-4p-$10) also have some no name palys, frogspawn (2heads-$25), hammer (3 heads-$40), duncans (2heads-$10), and more. (Tyree Sunset Monti, various shrooms, etc...) I will throw in a freebie also. Sent my phone number in pm.
  9. Here are some iphone pics.
  10. I have some zoa and paly frags in Houma.
  11. I did the same thing about three years ago and switched to Verizon and Comcast. I've been very happy with Verizon!
  12. I have a trio of Bartlett Anthias needing a new home. I am asking $50 for all three. They are all healthy and eating Spectrum pellets. These fish were in my 120 for a year.
  13. So, why was my post removed from this topic? Are only some people's opinions welcome here?
  14. the board Nazis are in force