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  1. POTM September 2017 Winner

    Sweeeet thanks everybody! I took the pic with my galaxy s7.
  2. Lf nps coral

    As the title states I'm looking for nps coral except gorgonians......and go!
  3. Never opened radion gen 4 pro!!!

    Hello all I have a brand new never opened radion gen 4 pro that I want to sell for $700. I won the light from a raffle package from Mike biggar from big r corals and have no use for it. The light goes for $799 everywhere else. Raffle pack I won
  4. Reef nursery lamp

    Thanks man! Appreciate it
  5. Reef nursery lamp

    Pretty much done! Probably going to add a few more critters.
  6. Seaclear 50 gallon acrylic tank

    Sold! Mods please close
  7. Seaclear 50 gallon acrylic tank

    Brand new never used still in plastic wrap comes with goofy stock t8 fixture lol asking $200 obo. Located in slidell Dimensions: 15"×36"x20" [/URL
  8. Lf cool mushrooms!

    Show me what you got!
  9. Reef nursery lamp

    Thanks! And no I'm not a really good detailed painter lol I like the natural look of the coral. But I was going to coat them in clear epoxy to protect them.
  10. Hello all, About a month back I was asking for dead coral colonies to build a lamp base for my son's nursery. I got a tip to go to ricks reef and scored these bad boys. Then I found this lamp table at a thrift store. Which I immediately started playing around with coral setup. Then I took the lamp apart and started painting. Then I made a cement rock base and cemented corrals to it. And I coated the rock in pvc glue followed by purple primer. Next on my list is to coat the table with sand and epoxy resin. Then I'm going to buy realistic life size models of clownfish, hermit crabs, horseshoe crab and some seahorses.