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  1. Miguel

    14g biocube 150$

    Where are you located?
  2. Miguel

    Full setup 75 gal for sale

    Sorry this has sold. Mods please lock
  3. Miguel

    Full setup 75 gal for sale

    Will be parting out. I will post each item soon. I'm available this weekend if anyone wants to come by and see what I have. Pm me your number and I will text you back.
  4. Miguel

    Looking for hammer , frogspawn and torch coral

    I've got some each if you ever make it up to bossier city
  5. Miguel

    SOLD Please Close

  6. Miguel

    Full setup 75 gal for sale

    I'm moving and need to sell my setup. I have a drilled 75 gal with 30 gal 3 chamber sump. Comes with CAD light pls-100 skimmer (1 yr old) and a mag drive 9.5 return pump (6mths old). 2 koralia 550 powerheads and jaebo wp-25 powerhead. It has 4 Black AI sol lights with the wired controller. About 85lbs live rock and 80lbs pink Fiji sand. Fish-purple tang 5in, fox face 7in, orange/white ocellaris clown 3in, black/white ocellaris clown 2.5in, female melanarus wrasse 4in. Lots of coral including multiple Zoas/palys, mushrooms, yumas, candy cane coral, 2 chalice, sun coral, green plate, green nephthea, hairy mushroom, green torch, branching frogspawn, branching hammer, galaxia, green stylo, purple birdnest, toadstool, couple acans, favia, monti cap, maxi mini carpet anemone, and 6 BTAs. CuC of snails and crabs. Refugium has cheato and grape caulerpa algae. I have lots and lots of extras if you buy the whole setup. I am asking $1500 obo. I'm located in south bossier. I will part out but corals will need to go first, then fish, liverock, and finally equipment. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/01/8051d60215db392af90a4f778c1ac2b4.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/01/1f909562cb29045c506d773d05e0e055.jpg]