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  1. Lance is a great guy. Corals all look good and deal went down without a hitch. Thumbs Up Fred .
  2. Would love to Text me where ya wanna meet I’ll be at my office by the post office on airline Text or call me please Fred .
  3. Has anyone spoken for these yet If not I would love to come buy them from you Fred lake Text 12253338321 Thanx .
  4. No lights no equipment with it $400.00 You must move I’m cripple and cannot assist Located in Gonzales Fred 225-333-8321 Text or phone May trade for larger tank .
  5. 70 gallon 3 side 1/2"starphire rimless aquarium 48x18x21 with the water level sitting at 19.5" to 20", it is fitted with an external coast to coast overflow which maximizes space within the tank with a bean animal filtration system for silent operation. include a Ruby Trigger TS30BR sump. Tank Died It was absolutely Gorgeous at one point. top of the line everything. Then I had surgery. Long story short I'm tearing it down here is equipment and what I feel the USED Value would be IF selling separate TANK ,SUMP & STAND 850 skimmer reactor pumps and plumbing 200 controller with ATO 150 2 MP 10s 200 2 radion 2's with controller 500 $1500.00 or BEST OFFER for everything May deduct if you don't need something WILL NOT PART OUT please text as I do not frequent this board Fred 1-225-333-8321 Located in Prairieville
  6. I have one in Gonzales $500.00 text Fred 1-225-333-8321 dated may of 2013 or I have Gen 2's for 450
  7. I have upto 5 gen 2's used for 450.00 each if interested? I'm in Gonzales Fred text 225-333-8321
  8. I'm running 12 radions over my 5 tanks and you just can't beat them! -=Fred=-
  9. Thank you Sir, you are a GREAT help and teacher!
  10. I'm learning, so by quarantining for 4 weeks. Even though you don't treat them with anything , the thought process is without a host any parasites will die off? Thanx in advance Fred
  11. I've had many many fish die and never had any float.... they always went to the bottom. Question... is that a clue as to it may being flukes? or is that a clue at all? learning, -=Fred=-
  12. I tried to message you but it wouldn't go through I want the skimmer the pump the heater and the UV... Throw in the reactor? Lagniappe? can I paypal and you ship to prairieville for me please? -=Fred=- text 225-333-8321
  13. DirtinLa

    Apex Parts

    Just saying... you do need a display for SOME programming but most general programming can be done without.