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  1. Sheldog

    x2 Innovative Marine nuvo 10 tanks and mame skimmer

    Possibly interested in the tank. Will drop you a line tomorrow. Happy new years guys
  2. Sheldog

    ATO reservoir $80

    I am trying, but work has me by the stones. I'll be measuring once I get home.
  3. Sheldog

    Reef Octopus ozone reactor $60 sold

    Pm sent
  4. Sheldog

    DSA 60 and stand for sale 350

    Want to say its 36½ x 20½ x 21½ but I will go measure the tank and stand in the am just to be sure.
  5. Sheldog

    DSA 60 and stand for sale 350

    Think I fixed. For some reason I couldn't get it to work ok the desktop but from the slow loading phone it works fine. I can get better pictures of the stand if needed. Thanks
  6. Sheldog

    DSA 60 and stand for sale 350

    First time selling something here but lord knows I've bought enough. I moved and decided to upgrade during the move. Thanks Seaweed for the great tank. Selling my DSA 60, some scratches on the front glass and some rust on the door hinges. Everything works just fine. 350 and bring a truck for pickup, I can help load. I took it down less than a week ago. It still has about a half tank of water and sand. Just needs an effortless cleaning as Ive kept my glass clean.
  7. Sheldog

    The Cone Snail

    Any updates this is awesome
  8. Sheldog

    complete 29 gal Bio cube. 180.00

    Sold.. PM sent
  9. Sheldog

    IM 30G set up

    Inbox full interested
  10. Sheldog

    Zoa and hammer died after 2 days. Help!

    You mentioned shrimp. I had hundreds of aiptasia in a tank i bought. I used peppetmint shrimp and aiptasia x to remove them. Since then ive added many corals. The only coral not to make it was some water melon zoas. Took me months to figure out why something that others said was bullet prof was not opening very much and slowly releasing from the rock. Just the other night around 4 am i caught my 2 Giant peppermints doing work on a head. Out of the 7 peppermints i have only 2 have been seen doing it.
  11. Sheldog

    Green birdsnest

    May be interested as well
  12. The tank is not new but glass was cleaned sand was vaccume deep multile times, It was very bad. The revious said he had not vacuumed in months. We stored the live rock in a garbage can for transort. By time we got everything to my place the water was high 80s low 90s. It was hot that day. It was total 12 hours from breakdown to setup. I expected the tank to ha a cycle but there are 4 small fishand 1 shrimp in it and i want them to be happy. Going to look u more on the diatom stage. Thanks.
  13. Started to notice some brown alge spawning on some rock and sand. Figured it was all part of the cycle my tank is going threw. Should i vacume it off the sand? Unsure of how feeding would go i probably over fed for the first day or 2. But i got it now. At what point should i intervene with this alge? My aiptasia x is in the mail. Its amazing how fast they grow. I swear i have one that gets 1/2 cm longer per day.
  14. I've got a lot of flow in the tank and I have been adding 1 gallon per day of RO DI. When setting up the tank we ended up using 75% new water so I was thinking of not doing a water change this week. I have a great relationship with my LFS. They sell distilled water for .50/gal and premixed saltwater for 1.00 /gal. I'm on city water and I personally think its crap ( should probably test it). If I purchased the RO system I linked, could I just make a 75gal bin of water to last me the month? Nothing wrong with storing it huh. Would I damage my filters but just running it once or twice a month but for 50-75 gal? To think in 2-3 months time buying water from my LFS I could get my own system seems ideal. On another note would there be any harm in adding 5 or so peppermint shrimp to my tank to kill that aiptasia? .5 ammonia isn't great but the tank went through a lot in the move and I would like to get a start on the purge. The <BAD WORD> is even in the sump and while I believe I could put a shrimp in there, the flow will be too strong for it do to work. Ah and how do I post a pic, I read the help section but still do not see where.. Thanks for the advice
  15. LIke the title says, I was shopping craigslist to buy a larger aquarium with stand and found a deal I couldn't pass up. This is my setup DSA 65 Reef tank. 20 gal. refugium, 55 pounds of live sand about 40 pounds of live rock. 4 fish and a shrimp. Two korali 750 GPH pumps in the main display and a Rio 17 H 1090 GPH return pump in the fuge. The light is a maxspect 160 watt 16K. and a skimmer plus I added extra filtration. The tank was previously set up running for 2 years. Its been 2 days since we it was moved and set up. Bought a test kit wanting to know where I am at. Figured I would have a small cycle due to the move and sand getting all stirred up. Not sure what I am doing but I read alot. I figured the first thing to do would be to add some peppermint shrimp to kill the Aiptasia that the previous owner has been combating with AiptasiaX for the last year. They are not very big but there is 1 maybe on every rock that I can see. Next would be to get a RO DI system. Would this be suitable? I am not in a rush and appreciate taking my time to do things right. I have been reading day and night and still I have questions. Any questions, comments, advice, or criticism is welcome. O ya the fish: Tiger pistol shrimp who works night and day building a fort and relocating every rock 1/3 his size and smaller. I dont even know why I bothered making the sand nice and pretty. His friend the Goby, not sure what kind, hes a solid yellowish brown color. A sunset dottyback who is shy as hell. A beautiful blue Springer Damsel. And lastly the biggest guy in the tank a Lamarcks Angle. Really shes not that bit, just not shy. I'm very excited and feel like I'm spiraling into OCD heaven. Ammonia.5 Phosphate 0 Nitrate 0 Calcium 420 Hardness 143.2 Nitrite 0 Not sure how to post a pic, will add later