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  1. I would like one if still available.
  2. So I’m in the process of setting up a new in wall tank and have the majority of the equipment I need to start a fish only tank. To transition to coral I’ll need more light and dosers etc. I was wondering if I buy reef safe fish and later transition to a reef tank if you think those questionable “reef safe fish” would be more likely to nip at coral since they would not be use to seeing any in the tank. Has anyone done this or have opinions?
  3. Ill take you up on some of that im in covington,
  4. Still have these I'll take one and I'm in Covington?
  5. Thanks for the input! On the other hand who's ready for macna? I already got the tickets, have been wishing I could go since I started this hobby
  6. Phosphates are zero, the zoas are doing great. Alk was low when I tested it today. So I think it's the issue. Guess I need to keep a better eye on it. I was thinking weekly water changes could keep it in check, but now I know I need to test more for it and maybe put those dosers to work.
  7. Does anyone have any trouble keeping monti caps with zoas. I don't keep any sps but have tried 3 different monti caps with no success. I have a ton of zoas mushrooms and a few LPS. My monti caps always tend to turn white and bleach out, ammonia nitrate and nitrate are always in check, possible to low somtimes. I just got a seneye part meter thinking that is should be the lights if they are bleaching out but pars at about 230 where I usually try placing them. Maybe too high or I need to acclimate them to the light better? Or could it be toxins from the zoas. Nothing gets placed close by them but maybe the zoas get disturbed and it's in the water column. IDK I'm pretty lost on the situation. PH stays around 8.1 maybe I should test alk more?
  8. I'm using the BRS two part and their magnesium. I don't think it has trace elements. I'll think I'll stick with the weekly water changes until I actually have the need for them with growth. I'll definately keep those additives in mind and might switch to fusion when I run out. That should be a while though. I watched that video with the guy from triton at MACNA and he's got my wheels turning on water changes and water chemistry lol.
  9. Thanks I got the 2 part all mixed up today and got the tanked cleaned up. Gonna get the dosing started tomorrow and wait for those fragnaippe frags. Got a good stand for the skimmer so the micro bubbles are gone and I'm starting to pull some nice thick nasty stuff. I also got a frag rack and the zoas are starting to take off of that thing since the snails and crabs are not climbing all over them. Time to pull out the test kits to see what I'll need for dosing. I know my corals should not be using up much right now but eventually I'll be glad to have it all ready to go. Looking into the best additives for trace elements right now to go with two part. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I know I don't need them now but just wondering for later.
  10. Yea my mp10 barely holds on in the reefer 170. The glass would be too thick on the 350
  11. Thanks! I've got a lot of work left to do to clean it up. Wires and equipment are everywhere right now but I really like the tank and it's the perfect size for me.
  12. I'll try that idea out for sure. It's a special pillow stuffing though... I cant even make this stuff up. It's free of chemicals and all that stuff. I've used it on AIO's for about 2 years. I'll have to show the brand later.
  13. Pillow stuffing trying to bring down the microbbubbles from the skimmer while it breaks in. Saw that on nano-reef somewhere. Just a temporary fix