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  1. LF Apex classic

    I want to purchase an apex classic. Not paying too much because the new ones are in the 400s. David
  2. Few thing for sale SOLD

  3. Few thing for sale SOLD

    6” blue ridge coral. $100 Rock with about 40 blondes zoas( I think) $100 purple clam 5” $75 blue clam 5” $75 mediun orange cap $30 i can text pictures if interested
  4. FS gen 2 MP40 sold

    selling a gen2 MP40. I got it used and it’s been on my tank for about a year at 40%. It’s cleaned and ready.$125David
  5. FS maxspect Gyre SOLD

    For sale Maxspect Gyre XF-230 Pump and Controller unit. Cleaned and ready to go. $100 David
  6. LF chiller

    Looking for a chiller for a 60 gallon aquarium. David
  7. 54 gallon aquarium for sale

    54 gallon oceanic bow front corner aquarium, stand and glass topJust drained and cleaned, in great shape. $200David
  8. Need help

    I’m in need of help with my sps tank. All corals we’re looking good but I was struggling with zero nitrates. I started dosing stump remover and got my nitrates to 2 but now my corals are dying and I have a cyano outbreak. I’m asking for help before I throw in the towel. David
  9. Pump

    Building a mixing station and need a external or internal pump.
  10. Green Elkshorn and Bird of Paradise coral

    Pm sent
  11. Looking for tank

    I need another tank to breed seahorses. It needs to be around 40 gallon and tall. David
  12. January 2018 POTM Winner!

    The picture doesn’t do the tank justice, much nicer in person.
  13. Skimmer FS

    I have a used reef octopus skimmer for sale. I believe it is a Reef OctopusExtreme 160 Skimmer. $150.00
  14. Teal candycane FS (price reduced)

    9 head- 30 sold 4 heads-15 3 heads-10 3 heads-10