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  1. Nice large live rock with the following attached; 2- RBTA Large toad stool leather Large Nepthea leather Covered in GSP and a few mushrooms $125 text for pics David 985-778-1308
  2. All sold please close
  3. New prices, I need to empty this tank so I can rework the plumbing.
  4. I'm about to list one of my tanks for sale and I need to sell the livestock first. -I have a bottle with 5 super man mushrooms and 12 red mushrooms on it. $100 -2 large Brown toadstool leathers. $50 ea (over 12" across) -3 large devil hands leathers. $30 ea -2 large green Nepthea leather. $30 ea -Rock with 7 orange ricordea $50 sold - large rock covered with green hairy mushrooms $40 sold -branching hammer coral green with pink tips (6 heads) $50 - branching hammer coral green with pink tips (7 heads) $60 sold I have plenty of rocks covered with mushrooms and Xenia for sale too Text David for pictures 985-778-1308
  5. I'm about to list my 150 gallon setup. If your interested, David 985-778-1308
  6. Still available? David 985-778-1308
  7. Joe, put me down for one, I will stop by this weekend. David 985-778-1308
  8. 3 nice large pieces and 5 medium pieces. 40 lbs total, $2 a pound. David 985-778-1308 text for pics
  9. Selling a large yellow tang $40. Very healthy fish. Will trade for SPS corals. Text for pics David 985-778-1308
  10. Can you send me a pic of the sump? I'm thinking of upgrading mine. david 985-778-1308
  11. Selling 3 Hollywood Stunner frags ( silver dollar size) on plugs. $20 each or trade for SPS coral frags. David 985-778-1308
  12. Looking for a pack of different color SPS frags. Around $100 ( no bird nest or caps) David 985-778-1308
  13. Kirk, put me down for one of the Psammacora. david 985-778-1308
  14. If you still want to sell, I can stop by and buy some. david 985-778-1308
  15. Reactor still available? david 985-778-1308