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  1. Sold..close up for me gentlemen
  2. Have a show size maze brain coral for sale. It is 8 inches maybe a little more wide and 5 inches tall. Definitely at least as big as a cabbage if not a little more. I tried my best to eye it up with a measuring tape outside the I have been growing it for over 5yrs from a small frag. It was on the sand bed for about 4 yrs so that's how it originally had its round development but I placed it on this shelf rock about a 1 yr or so ago and its encrusted mostly since then. Will be sold on that 12 inch shelf rock. $150.
  3. delder2323


    Thanks guys. I have it hooked to the apex so without the controller that they sell for them I basically have to use my own application to acclimate them. I think my biggest problem has been I read so many conflicting settings from users on the Internet. It is just a bunch of arguments from people saying they aren't powerful to crank them up to others saying they are and using them set at like 45 intensity.Hardly anyone mentioned how high they were mounted, how many lights they had for me to try and get any reasonable confident information to apply to myself. As far as the color I have that set to a nice mix of blue and white that is appealing to me. It's the intensity that has stumped me after reading way to much into this. I was hoping that if someone local to me could give me first hand experience. for now I am just going to stick with the suggested setting from the factory and increase 5 percent weekly and look for signs and back it back off. I think I would have been better off if I hadn't tried to find information and was influenced by some of the things I read which has just made me question myself about it. p.s. "Windex blue" cracked me up. Great analogy well because it was true.
  4. delder2323


    Dang, I am sorry it's the Kessil 360we. I don't know why I didn't write the Kessil part. I have a reefbreeder photon led over my 110 for the last 3yrs and have had no problems setting this and growing anything under it. I have set up the 40 breeder a few months ago and I just feel like I can't get the knack of what I should have the Kessils set at. I got a standard setting chart from Kessil themselves for ramping but I just feel as though this is just standard and I am not confident that this is the settings I should be using.i just felt as though this is probably something that is a copy and paste response they give everyone.
  5. delder2323


    Anyone running these or have used these in the past? I have 2 installed approximately 9" over a 40b and am curious what settings on intensity and color are being used. Has anyone used a par meter to get a reading on these before? Thanks guys. Dawn ^^ Hardly post in here so I figured I would add my name to the topic for anyone who is wondering who is the stranger. I am going to have make a conscious effort to change that and participate more in conversations with all of you.
  6. Found one local to me guys..thanks can close this up for me 👍
  7. Sorry got busy the last 2 days I am usually on here atleast once a day. I am looking for one that is more of just a rose.i have one similar to that one. I really want to add one that is a darker pink to it. Thanks for looking out for me guys.i seen I was tagged in a comment.i like that we look out for one another.sweet.
  8. Man that's a bummer. I think it is like a 2hour drive for me to get to BR.
  9. delder2323

    WTB --RBTA

    Looking for Rose bubble tip anemone preferably around 3 inches or slightly larger. I am located in the New Orleans area but don't mind taking a ride to meet as long as it's not a long distance. Send a picture and price preferably through pm if you have one available.
  10. That is no problem. I don't mind waiting. You can just send me a pm before the weekend you coming in and we can make arrangements. Thanks bud
  11. Are you located in Metairie? If so I would like to pick them up from you within the next couple days if someone hasn't contacted you yet. Thanks, Dawn
  12. Saw this and remembered to go on ahead and send the payment. I appreciate the staffs hard work on this forum. I greatly enjoy coming on the website.