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  1. Pending pick up for sunday
  2. Like the title says, I broke this tank down around 4 months ago and never really got around to really trying to sell it. I am asking $100 firm and you can reach me at 225-323-1901 (Rob) and I am located in Prairieville. Tank is in perfect condition and has no issues what so ever. For $100 you get everything pictured which is: Nuvo fusion 10 gallon AIO (has been upgraded to a maxi jet 600 pump) InTank media basket (comes with plenty of extra floss) Cobalt neotherm 50w heater Lean top (don't have the original mesh top) Vertex glass cleaner handheld pH meter ADJ 8 switch panel (fused) Spin stream for the tank return misc chemicals (GFO, carbon, Reef Ions, Purple up, iodine) Net and siphon hose
  3. Light is sold...i have 2 of these nuvo 10s for sale both come with the same things tank, top, heater, return pump, media basket, and mag float fit $50 each. That's 1/2 theof just the tank. For $100 I'll let the tank and skimmer go
  4. $350 for everything listed above, trying to get it out my guest room
  5. Buyer backed out so everything listed is still for sale
  6. Mp10, water station, and refractometer are pending for Friday. If someone is intrested in the tank setup with the light and skimmer I will negotiate on the price to keep from listing on national forum and having to ship
  7. I have someone who may be taking the livestock and ato tomorrow. If he does i will update the thread with prices for the remaining pieces
  8. Ok so livestock and ATO are gone. I will start to separate. I have the following 1. Innovative Marine nuvo 10 (includes intank media basket, mj600 return pump, cobalt neo therm 50w heater)- $100 Who ever buys the tank I have so extra stuff I will throw in such as nets, filter floss, misc media and additives, mag float etc. 2. Mame designs nano air stone skimmer (also a high end nano skimmer, comes with air pump and spare stone. rated for 25 gallons)- $75 If you want a specific picture of a certain item just text me and I will get it for you. I also have the boxes and manuals for most of this stuff. My number is 225-323-1901 (Robert)
  9. Will post pics when i get home as my phone won't let me
  10. I am about to be selling my home and begin building a new one so i won't be able to take care of the tank. I am selling a complete setup, absolutely everything you need to maintain this tank. It has been up and running for about 7 months and works with no problems. I am asking $750 for everything listed below have more stuff...too much to list Marineland 93 gallon cube 30x30x24 corner overflow Black stand and canopy Eshops r200 sump Ecotech radion xr30 with TIR lenses Reef octopus 150 classic skimmer BRS media reactor with GFO and carbon Autoaqua top off with 10 gallon resevoir Eheim 3000 return pump 2 jeabo wp40 wavemakers with controller Finnex 500w heater with controller Milwaukie digital salinity meter 100gpd ro/di unit 32 gallon can for mixing salt with danner 9.5 mag pump Bucket of red sea coral pro salt 100lbs of live sand 50 lbs live rock 50 lbs of dry rock Misc buckets, tubing, chemicals, test equip. ect for maintenance All live stock pictured is included as well 2 clows and 2 firefish sever corals, shrimp, crabs, snails, rbta ect. You can call or text Rob at 225-323-1901