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  1. Well that must of been surprising!! I changed my number since then, I will PM it to you.
  2. I may be up for something if you can get Greg and JT there. Been a while since I talked about SPS......;)
  3. Glad to know that you all enjoy (or at least miss) seeing my NAUGHTY WORD around.......;) It will be nice to see what Derron does with it. It will also give me an excuse to set something back up in my office. The reptile business is going great, but I do miss fighting all of you for all of this fancy frags!
  4. Here is the tank that I loved the most and what I will try to recreate Again, many members were kind to come by place in years past to check it out. Just sharing!
  5. All Kidding aside, it has been a crazy Year+ for me since I was posting. Long story short, me getting back into reptiles has been crazy and as those of you who know me, know, Nothing is ever done part way. My partner and I and now the biggest importers of Chameleons into N. America. It has been a crazy ride. More on that later though, onto the reef tanks! To say the tank has suffered would be an understatement. Honestly, ever since that big fish loss I had years ago when I lost all of the rare anthias, I am not sure I was really excited about that tank any longer. Anyhow, The tank has been sold to a close friend who will do a better job with it. The good news is, selling the big tank will allow me to redo the floors in the living room which will make the wife happy! That being said, I am not out of the hobby. The next step will be to set up a new tank in my office (much like I had years ago that some of you came to see). So, once I get some remodeling done in there, i will start up the new tank. I will need some help from you to catch me up to reef technology! Thanks!
  6. It is possible as I am a bit bloated this evening. It's not Earls, we are both big guys, logistically it doesn't work. Ryan is a bit young for me, Derron though, well, you never know.... Oh Greg, you know you want to hear all about THE lizard! yes I am! Finger licking good and feeling frisky. Just turn around and smile for me! You can always count on kirk for a blast from the past!! Still one of the best days on the internet I ever had. Some Kick NAUGHTY WORD people in our reef club!
  7. You know me well, nothing is ever simple.....
  8. Yes, It has been a while...... Cant wait to share with you all what has been going on lately. Will share some updates this evening!
  9. Good Evening All, This is the first piece of Livestock that I need to part with. This is a very large Ritteri Anemone that has been in captive care for at least 5 years and is very healthy. At full expansion it can get as large a circumference of 18". In these pics there is some heavy actinic (LED) but you get the idea. Please ask any questions if you have any but in short, heavy flow and high light as well as solid parameters. Animal is for sale for $300. Please PM me or text me at 337-451-7969 with questions. Bobby
  10. Brandon, just give me a all/text. 337-451-7969. Thanks,
  11. Cleared mine and then sent you a message, says you are full!
  12. Hey Brandon, Shoot me a PM, I have 6 I am looking to move. Thanks, Bobby
  13. Evening All, I am in the process of getting started in doing some remodeling and as a result, will be selling the current tank and much of the gear. Some I will keep for the tank that will replace it. But I want to kind of get this out there as I begin to work through it. This is a heads up for anyone looking for a 220g tank and various pieces of high end gear. Livestock and rock will need to go first, so I will post that in the Livestock thread soon as well. Just looking to start a thread here to which I will add specifics, including price going forward. Some Key Pieces: 220g RR tank 6x2x30 Oak canopy and stand. Lg. Protein Skimmer Rated to 400g Vortechs 6- AI LED fixtures. Gen1 Profilux contoller Profilux dosing pumps Sump, pumps, etc.. Thanks and stand by. Bobby
  14. Well, since I live about a mile from him, I think I will make it for this frag meet. I mean, it has only been a year since I was at the last one!!! Kim, want to swing by and take some pics of the Chams afterwards?? Let me know!! Bobby